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Career Centre

Our Employment Services Specialists provide assistance to all Sprott Shaw graduates. The ESS team of experienced professionals contact employers within your geographic location to find job openings. Qualified graduates are referred to a list of employers found by our team and assisted in the application process for these jobs. We provide career opportunities based on each individual’s academic achievements, professional experience, job preferences, and background.

We provide career placement assistance for all Sprott Shaw graduates. They also assist current students with their program’s co-op and internship placements, which are required for graduation. Special placements are available for current students and graduates in both short-term and part-time positions. This option is offered to students who would like to work during their studies to generate additional income to support their education.

Sprott Shaw College also provides employers the opportunity to tap into a large and diverse pool of candidates for their recruitment needs. A variety of industries are served in filling entry to mid-level positions through our services. Our ESS staff are trained to source the most qualified and experienced candidates for the client’s job openings.


For more information on our Employment Services please speak with your Career Advisor or Employment Services Specialist.

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