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Financial Options

Going back to school is a big decision and many times the biggest challenge is funding your program of choice. Have a look at some of your options below and then contact one of our Sprott Shaw advisors for more information on tuition, fees and more.

Government Student Loans
- No interest, no payments while in school.

Nursing, medical, midwifery or pharmacy graduates who choose to practice in an underserved area may be eligible for forgiveness of part of their BC student loan. See StudentAidBC.ca

RRSPs and the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP)
Repayment is over ten years with no interest.

Payment Plan Options
Possible monthly payment plans at each campus.

Student Line of Credit
Through a Financial Institution. Interest payments while in school.

Scholarships / Bursaries / Grants
Many available, some program, employer, or campus specific.

Employment Program of BC / Employment Insurance
Sprott Shaw College programs qualify for EPBC and EI funding; however, every case is different. Sprott Shaw is able to tailor its current programs to fit student needs. Click here for more information.


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