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Consider Studying in Penticton

800px Penticton British Columbia 300x225 Consider Studying in PentictonPenticton is a picturesque place with a small town feel. This beautiful city is nestled between two world famous lakes, surrounded by hills and nature. The temperature is ideal for those who are not accustomed to the cold because there are hot summers and mild winters.

You could spend the summer at the beach, floating down the river channel or exploring the hills and vineyards. In the winter you could take a short 30 minute drive to Apex Ski Resort for some skiing and snowboarding. Also, there are tons of events that occur yearly in the city including the International Children’s Festival, Peach Fest, Iron Man, Octoberfest, and many other renowned local events.
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Tips That Will Prepare You for a Successful Job Interview

96937494 199x300 Tips That Will Prepare You for a Successful Job InterviewInterviewing for a job is a stressful and nerve wracking experience that we all go through in our lifetime. Whether it’s your first interview or you 10th, being prepared and equipped with the right information can help relieve you of your anxiety and it gives yourself the best opportunity to get your desired job.

Here are some tips that can help with your preparation before, during, and after a job interview.

Before a job interview:

Do your research on the company you are applying at.

Before going into an interview it’s important to educate yourself on the company’s history. Here are some questions you should consider researching on:
- What is the company’s main focus for the future?
- What are the company’s goals and how do they intend on reaching them?
- How is the company run and by who? (Ex: who is the president, CEO, COO etc)
- How many employees are there in the company?
- How many locations are there and were are they all located?
- Who is the competition and what do they have to offer?
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How to Get the Most Out of Your Internship!

By Kyla S. – Digital Marketing Intern

Internships are everywhere! There are a variety of internships available, but usually they are for new graduates and current students. Finding the right internship is instrumental in getting the base experience needed to start a career of your choice. Taking part in an internship (or co-op) looks good on your resume and gets you valuable experience in your field.

If you want to make the most of your internship and make a good lasting impression, consider the following:
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Industries that are Booming & Growing

104261223 200x300 Industries that are Booming & GrowingAs we are moving out of the recession, everyone is wondering where the steady flow of income will be coming from and what the most stable careers are. There are industries that are considered to be booming right now and others that are expected to grow in the next few years. If you find yourself trying to decide what path to take, I would suggest considering the following four industries.

Health Care

As our population continues to age, there will be a large amount of people retiring which means there will be a lot of vacant positions across the board. This is especially true in health care. The demand for nurses and health care professionals is increasing. Job stability and being hired quickly after graduating are some of the perks of this industry. In some positions, you can be expected to graduate in as little as 8 months and then become part of the skilled workforce.

Suggested Programs: Practical Nursing, Health Care Assistant and Pharmacy Assistant.
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Resume Tips to get the Job

106458489 200x300 Resume Tips to get the JobFor most people, resumes are complicated and everyone has their own preconceived notion about what should be included. In this competitive job market you need to create a resume that stands out when you are applying for a job.

Most employers spend less than a minute looking at your resume before deciding if it is to be put in the first round pile or not. The following are key things to remember when creating a resume.

1. Keep your resume to one or two pages.

2. Use bullet points and short sentences to describe your work experience. Employers don’t want to read through a large amount of text.

3. Use keywords in your resume. A lot of HR professionals are using digital databases that skim over your resume to find specific keywords. Usually these words can be found in the job posting. Make sure to not just cut and paste from the posting.
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Tips that make doing homework a little easier

99931212 217x300 Tips that make doing homework a little easierHomework can feel like a chore but if you allocate your time wisely and set attainable goals it makes the process a lot easier.

Be S.M.A.R.T.
Having a long list of assignments can be daunting. By dividing up a list and setting goals to accomplish each assignment it can help with the overwhelming feeling of making deadlines.

Your goals should be:


  • Figure out what needs to be done. Who all is involved in accomplishing the assignment? And when the assignment is due.


  • By making smaller goals to get one assignment done, it allows you to monitor and check off tasks when they are completed. Putting a quantity on an assignment can allow for a sense of accomplishment once you are able to check something of the list of tasks.

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New Born visits the New Westminster ECE Class

DSCN4252 300x225 New Born visits the New Westminster ECE ClassOn Thursday, March 22, 1012, the Early Childhood Education class at our New Westminster campus asked a family to come in and speak to the students. Jen Harris, and her 2 children, Mason (18 months) and Hannah (10 weeks) delighted our students. We are currently taking EC100 – Child Growth & Development, and that particular day our topic was “Newborns and their Physical Development”. Hannah was the perfect model for our students, so we could check her reflexes, discuss her sleeping and eating routines, and her behaviour. Mom Jen was very receptive to students’ questions, and discussed childbirth, newborn behaviours, breastfeeding, toddler routines, and anything else the students asked. Jen is a graduate of Sprott-Shaw in 2006. Thank you Jen, Mason and Hannah!

Social Networks: Is Your Profile Hurting Your Employability?

120984901 300x200 Social Networks: Is Your Profile Hurting Your Employability?Almost everyone has a Facebook or Twitter account; grandmothers, fathers, and companies all have one. Social networks are a fun way to spend your extra time and connect with your friends.

However, in the past few years employers have been looking up potential candidates on various social networks before inviting them for an interview. Something that may seem harmless to you may end up being a deciding factor on if you get the job or not.

Here are a few things to consider in determining what kind of online persona you currently have or would like to have:

1.) Use Google to search for your name. You may be surprised what pops up or you may find you are still a member of a long forgotten social network.

2.) Close all accounts that you don’t use anymore.
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Susan Munzer-Briner visits Surrey campus

ECE Susan Munzer Presentation 014 300x225 Susan Munzer Briner visits Surrey campusThe Surrey campus recently held an ECE workshop for the ECE and CSW students with the well-known Early Childhood Expert and published author of “Learn to Play – Play to Learn” series, Susan Munzer-Briner.

Susan inspired and motivated those in attendance to teach children with hands on experiences and creative resources that she designed specifically for young children. We all took a fresh look at exploring language and literature experiences in ten different creative ways.

At the end of the presentation Susan had story kits and resources available to purchase for the students to add to their professional stock pile to use in the field.

In attendance at this workshop were all the Surrey ECE Basic students along with those on practicum, Abbotsford ECE Basic students and their instructor, the Surrey CSW students and their instructor, and a former Surrey ECE graduate.

How to Use Networking to your Advantage

92835980 228x300 How to Use Networking to your AdvantageAt first, networking can be a scary thing to think about. Questions surrounding who, where, how, and when should I network start to come into play. Many times you will find yourself in networking situations; the only difference from a normal conversation is slowly switching the topic to one that is career related. Here are some tips to network better:

Things to be mindful of:

  • Smile at people. This will increase your approachability and make people want to talk to you.
  • Realize that opportunities for networking are everywhere and that anyone can be a potential contact. You can eventually ask anyone what their name is and where they work.
  • Don’t apologize for asking for the occasional help or starting a new conversation with someone new.
  • Don’t change who you are when networking, just be yourself. Being genuine goes a long way.
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