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New Westminster Campus Nominee for Royal City Builder’s Awards

A31T23451 300x199 New Westminster Campus Nominee for Royal City Builders AwardsThe new New Westminster Sprott Shaw College campus is a nominee in the Modern Category for the 42nd Annual Royal City Builders’ Awards organized by the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and the City of New Westminster. The Royal City Builders’ Awards recognizes homeowners, developers, architects, designers and builders for their quality work and dedication to excellence in building design and construction.

If you haven’t taken a tour of our New Westminster you are in for a treat. The campus is bright and uplifting with glass walls to allow natural light to flow through the campus. It has a lounge with a big screen television for students to relax in before and after classes. The Practical Nursing lab is both a lab and classroom, with hospital beds and medical equipment on one side of the classroom, and new comfortable desks for students on the other.

We will find out October 2nd if Sprott Shaw College is a winner!

For more information on the New Westminster campus: http://www.sprottshaw.com/campuses/new-westminster-campus/

For more information on the Awards: http://newwestchamber.com/2013-royal-city-builders-awards-nominees/

Business Programs at Sprott Shaw College

162422787 199x300 Business Programs at Sprott Shaw CollegeThe world of business is constantly changing; you need up-to-date skills to gain a competitive edge. Sprott Shaw College’s programs will equip you for success in any given field. Graduates from our programs can be found working for a diverse range of companies across the globe, evidence that our students will be successful after graduating.

Sprott Shaw College offers a number of business programs, which include:

Administrative Assistant; perform a variety of office duties in support of managerial and professional employers (can be legal or medical setting)
Accounting and Payroll Administrator; maintain employee records and benefits
Business Administration; oversee organizational procedures, set work priorities, and manage admin services
Marketing and Sales Essentials; selling products in order to meet consumer needs
Paralegal; assist lawyers with their daily activities which can include prep for cases, screening clients, and preparing documents

You can complete any of the above programs in as little as a year and a half! Schedule a tour with Sprott Shaw College and with the help of our admissions staff you can start a career that fits you!

Become a Health Care Assistant

162329443 300x199 Become a Health Care Assistant

Health Care Assistants (previously known as Registered Care Aides) serve an honorable and important role in our society by helping the disabled, elderly and chronically ill maintain a high quality of life. These are the types of individuals who have a strong will and are warmhearted; they promote health, safety, independence, comfort and well-being of individuals and families.

You can take the Health Care Assistant program at Sprott Shaw College in as little as 7 months, which includes hands on experience and clinical training! Students who complete our HCA program receive a number of certificates such as; Hospice Palliative Care Training, Acute Care Skills, CPR-C, First Aid, Foodsafe and WHMIS. These will be completed during the program and are included in program costs. All of these additional certifications are valued by today’s employers.

Schedule a tour today and get the information you need to apply for our next monthly intake. Start your new rewarding career now!

What are Community Support Workers?

148371624 300x210 What are Community Support Workers?Community Support Workers are individuals who ensure the well-being of clients. Key components of this job are to assist clients in their physical, social, and daily life skills. With the help of a community support worker individuals who need assistance and can benefit from special care will increase their independence and better themselves in their communities.

CSW – Assisted Living is health/development professionals that provide care and assistance to the elderly and disabled. Assisted Living positions in group homes, correctional facilities, shelters and government agencies are increasing due to the rise in our aging population.

CSW – Social Services are professionals that help children, youth and families with their addiction and social problems. As a CSW you will provide these individuals with rehabilitation, support and other forms of assistance.

CSW – Teaching Assistants help teachers provide special support to children with special needs (K to 12). TAs assist students by helping with behaviour management, curriculum implementation, social skills development, personal care and physical assistance.

Those who are excellent communicators, have good personal skills, are patient and work well with others will be successful candidates for a career in Community Support Work. Sprott Shaw College offers your education in CSW in less than a year and with clinical placement you will receive the hands on experience you need to be successful when starting your new career! Contact us and set up an appointment!

5 Reasons to become a Practical Nurse

768016911 300x199 5 Reasons to become a Practical NurseA practical nurse is someone who takes care of others, assists doctors and registered nurses and works in a variety of hospitals, clinics and residential environments. Here are 5 reasons to become a Practical Nurse;

  • Flexible scheduling; hospitals, care homes, or in home care will allow you to work various shifts from early mornings and late evenings.
  • Nursing offers a steady income because of the demand for nurses
  • Different specialties allow you to work in various departments such as; psychiatric, surgery, hospice and home health
  • It is a hands on career where you get to display your knowledge and develop your skills
  • Opportunities for advancement; nursing provides a lot of training so you can gain the experience you need to maybe consider going back to school to become an RN one day

If you are someone who is; patient, wants to help others, and enjoys the reward to watching a patient progress, then consider a career in Practical Nursing! Set up an appointment at Sprott Shaw College today!

Provide Support and Guidance in Social Services

CSWSS 300x199 Provide Support and Guidance in Social Services“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” (Anonymous)

Do you enjoy interviewing people about their history and understanding their background information? Is preparing reports and assessing individual’s eligibility for social services something that may interest you? Does seeing a positive result from your support and guidance for others, feel like you have been rewarded?

If you answered yes to all of these questions a career in Social Services is for you! There is a growing need for support with at risk individuals and those who need special assistance that could use the help of a community support worker.

Sprott Shaw College can teach you how to assist clients with their social and personal problems. You can take our Community Support Worker – Social Services program in as little as 11 months, that will provide you with the education to start a career that offers rehabilitation, support and other forms of assistance to help people in need. Apply today!

5 Reasons to become a Medical Office Assistant

104501004 300x199 5 Reasons to become a Medical Office AssistantMedical and dental office clerks and transcriptionists are always in high demand. In addition to basic administrative and bookkeeping skills, you will also learn standard medical terminology and more.

5 Reasons to become a Medical Office Assistant

1. Personal Fulfillment
Becoming an Medical Office Assistant allows you to interact with patients and display your knowledge of the medical field.

2. Quick Training
An MOAs education path is quite short allowing you to start your dream job in under a year! The quicker you gain experience the higher your salary can be!

3. Job Opportunities
MOA’s have many job opportunities, and those working in this field can work with the following employers:

  • Small Practices
  • Doctor and Dentist Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Plastic Surgeons

4. Flexible Schedules
Many practices are not only open during the day but also in the evening and weekends, giving you a chance to have a job that meets the needs of your personal schedule.

5. Salary
Entry level MOAs can earn up to $39,740 with less than 1 year of training. They could also receive a yearly bonus and could earn vacation time right away (both depending on the employer). (Source)

In as little as 8.6 months at Sprott Shaw College you can start your new career as a Medical Office Assistant! Sprott Shaw offers training in medical office procedures, communication, and customer service and spreadsheet applications to prepare you for your new rewarding career!

Click here to contact an advisor and get more information!

Changing My Direction

162815624 289x300 Changing My DirectionStarting at a new school is never easy, but the feeling of accomplishment when you’re done was worth the personal changes I had to make in order to be successful. When I first started attending Sprott Shaw College I was nervous about making the switch to a new school. I was concerned about; making new friends, whether my instructors were nice, if going to school was even a good idea right now, and whether I could change myself in order to be successful at my new school.

Before going to Sprott Shaw I was never a morning person when it came to school, I hated going to class (barely did) and nothing seemed to motivate me. When I went to class I didn’t care to make friends and I spent all my time on my phone or on my lap top looking at social media. My grades were okay, I never failed anything and averaged a B every semester, but I hated every moment that I had to be in class. After a terrible semester I knew I had to change my direction in order to enjoy going to school again and do well. That’s when I ended up at Sprott Shaw College.

Now I am a completely different person and student. After my second week of classes at Sprott Shaw I started to appreciate going to school again. After my first month the classroom didn’t feel like a class anymore it felt like I was with my friends just hanging out but learning at the same time, I was motivated again!  All of my reservations had gone away; I was happy with my instructor, the other students and the staff at Sprott Shaw.  I was in class every day and my grades changed significantly, I now average a high A and am retaining everything I have learned. I started feeling more confident about my new skills and started interacting more around campus and making new friends. Making these changes in me and switching schools has altered my opinion about school and formed the highly motivated person I am today.  I now cannot wait to finish school and start my new career thanks to Sprott Shaw College!

By Nakiska Prasad
Marketing and Sales Essentials Program Student
New Westminster Campus

Career Exploration Workshop

A31T2572 300x199 Career Exploration WorkshopJoin us for a free 5 day workshop in Maple Ridge!

- Career Assessments – Personality Dimensions, Self Directed Search, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Interest Inventory

- Resume Writing – Resume, Cover Letter, E – Applications, Interview Tips, Cold Calling Employers

- Explore the new labour market, discover your values, interests and how you can love the work you do!

Call the Maple Ridge campus for more information: 604-457-3600.

Tourism Training with Sprott Shaw College

tourism2 large 300x225 Tourism Training with Sprott Shaw CollegeAll across British Columbia tourism is growing by leaps and bounds. According to the BC Government, the tourism sector generated $13.4 billion in revenue in 2010, and is expected to reach $18 billion annually by 2016. Tourism and Hospitality has been a strong sector in our economy since Expo 86 and it shows no signs of slowing down.

So why not consider taking one of Sprott Shaw College’s many Tourism and Hospitality educational programs? We offer both domestic and international focused courses, we also offer several enhanced programs combining our tourism programs with other training programs such as Business Management.

Sprott Shaw College also offers work experience opportunities to help get your foot in the door of the industry, and our campus employment services specialists will be there with you every step of the way to help you find a rewarding career.

For more information on our Tourism and Hospitality educational programs visit our web site!

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