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Interview Tips Down the Yellow Brick Road

A31T2440 300x199 Interview Tips Down the Yellow Brick RoadWhether or not you belong to the 30% of the population (estimated) who are shy or introverted, job interviews can make you feel like a lost Dorothy or cowardly lion. Here are some tips that may help:

1. “What’s that one thing you haven’t got?”

You already have a brain and heart, but getting real certification will help. There is always room to upgrade your education and/or job skills, and you will feel more confident knowing you are highly qualified for the career you want.

2. Follow the Good Witch’s advice

From career counsellors to job search websites, you can now find useful interview advice more easily than ever. Learn about your potential employer and desired position, and prepare interview questions and answers in advance. Friends can also help you on your merry way by, for example, roleplaying or acting out possible interview scenarios with you.
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Richmond Campus Now Open

160477232 300x200 Richmond Campus Now OpenOur new satellite campus in Richmond has opened! This latest addition to the Sprott Shaw College family is newly furnished and fully equipped, and classes are now running.

Our newest campus features a spacious student lounge, kitchenette, and free Wi-Fi access. This new lounge makes the perfect place for socializing with other students or group study sessions between classes. The campus is located on Cambie Road near No. 3 Road, and is easily accessible by car or public transit (Aberdeen – Canada Line Skytrain station).

Most of our college programs will be available at the new campus. Plus – spoiler alert! – we will soon offer a unique selection of programs tailored to the local community.

Making A Career with the Magic Touch

76762346 300x199 Making A Career with the Magic TouchTired of giving “the world’s best back rub” in your living room? You should reach for a real career in the growing industry of spa services with those magic fingers.

Human touch increases your production of the hormone oxytocin – which lowers stress and promotes empathy – helps your body recover from illness and injuries, and reduces anxiety- and depression-related health issues. As a Spa Therapist, you can offer a healing hand (or two) to clients at day spas, clinics, hotels, resorts, hot springs, and even aboard cruise ships. The spa industry gives you the opportunity to promote health, relaxation, and flexibility while maintaining an equally flexible work schedule – this is a career with the human touch!
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Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day from the staff and students of our campuses across the province!

 Happy Valentines Day

Back to School by 2016

A31T2321 300x199 Back to School by 2016Are you still putting off plans to go back to school? Better stop procrastinating: according to the Research Universities’ Council of BC, by 2016 there will be more jobs that require post-secondary or trades credentials than individuals with such credentials. The Council expects the unmet need to then increase over the following years.

On the plus side, the Council has proposed for more student bursaries and scholarships to be offered, so if you have been putting your education and/or career on hold for financial reasons, this could be just what you need. To help get you going, Sprott Shaw also offers various grants and scholarships, possible payment plans, assistance with BC and Canada student loans, and lifetime career assistance.

Click here to find out more about student financial assistance.

With post-secondary degrees seemingly becoming the norm, this report may come as a surprise. Are tuition fees and/or costs of living too high in BC, or are there more pressing reasons? What do you think?

Show Your Love, Win $50 for Boston Pizza

dv1940058 300x237 Show Your Love, Win $50 for Boston PizzaRemember how, back in third grade, you would not-so-secretly send Valentines to your classmates every February 14th? Remember that one lucky year when you found a voucher for free ice cream in your pile of Valentine’s cards?

This Valentine’s Day, Sprott Shaw wants you to love school all over again. Simply send us a “Valentine”, and you could win a free $50 Boston Pizza gift card.

Here are some ways for you to show us your love:
• Take a picture with your favourite Sprott Shaw instructor, staff member, advisor, or classmate.
• Take a picture of yourself making a heart shape with your hands on any Sprott Shaw campus.
• Write a love sonnet for the school (Disclaimer: Does not have to be a real sonnet).
• Record a video.
• Think of other creative ways of showing your love – surprise us!

Post your photo, poem, or video to our Facebook page by February 15th (late entries aren’t exactly… romantic). We will choose our favourite entry by February 19th, and reciprocate with something you love: free food.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

BC Celebrates Family Day

147746320 199x300 BC Celebrates Family DayStarting in 2013, British Columbians have a new statutory holiday. On February 11, the second Monday of the month, BC will celebrate its first February statutory holiday and 10th statutory holiday over all (for now).

No, this is not Celebrate-Valentine’s-Day-Early Day, or Go-Shopping-in-the-States-on-Presidents-Day Day (that’s the third Monday of February). Family Day is a day for remembering the importance of family, and spending quality time with your family as winter draws to a close. With the days growing bright, consider paying your parents a visit (your mother would appreciate it) or taking the kids to the park!

And if the idea of spending the day with children, anyone’s children, at the park fills you with joy, not dread, you might be right for a career in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Early Childhood Educators not only teach, they plan and guide children in activities that help develop positive social and learning habits for life.

The 45-week ECE program at Sprott Shaw includes both classroom and practicum hours. For more details, click here.

Win Canucks Tickets or a Grant from Sprott Shaw

IMG 0338 300x225 Win Canucks Tickets or a Grant from Sprott ShawYou may have already seen the posters at the skytrain station: Play for Perks is one of the newest “mobile gaming for real rewards” offers around.

Thanks to a partnership with Wyley Interactive, we are now offering FREE games with great prizes. Just by playing, you could earn points to win “perks” including Starbucks gift cards, iTunes gift cards, iPads, career counselling sessions, or even a $2,500 scholarship to Sprott Shaw College. Current and past students are eligible to win as well.

Each game or “gameslice” is completely free to play, and allows you to earn points to be redeemed for prizes. New games and prizes are constantly added and prize quantities are limited, so keep checking back and start playing! (If you’re reading this on your smart phone, click here to play.)

Sprott Shaw is currently giving away tickets to Canucks games on Play4Perks!

You could win your morning macchiato, or a grant towards an education that lasts a lifetime. Who says gaming doesn’t help your career?

For more information visit our Play4Perks page.

Happy Lunar New Year

cny snake 199x300 Happy Lunar New YearGong xi fa cai! Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year falls on February 10 this year. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2013 is also the Year of the Snake. If you were born in 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989… you are a wise, mysterious Snake (Happy Birthday!).

Whether or not you are celebrating CNY, now would be a good time to make some positive changes in your life. Why not make some Lunar New Year’s resolutions? Double the number of resolutions means double the chances of following through with one, right? (If you answered “no”, consider signing up for our Accounting and Payroll Administrator program.)

If you feel stuck in a rut, if you are underpaid at your job or under-qualified for a better job, consider heading back to school. In the same way that a snake sheds its skin, you will at first feel like knocking your head against a rock. But keep at it and the “old you” will soon fall away – a shiny new career is awaiting a shiny new you.

Contact us to learn more.

Happy Groundhog Day (Especially to all unhappy workers)

533643 10151678203482802 333495311 n 209x300 Happy Groundhog Day (Especially to all unhappy workers)Groundhog Day is here and – surprise – not everyone is looking forward to two more weeks of rain. If you are unhappy with your job, bad weather could make it seem worse. Fight the winter blues (greys) by making some changes, whether you decide to stay or go.

What’s casting the shadow?

First things first: identify the problem(s). Write down why you’re not satisfied with your job, distinguishing between reasons you can live with, eg. decent but unspectacular wages, and those you can’t (and shouldn’t), eg. workplace bullying.

How much wood could you chuck? A lot more

Professionals often go back to school on a part-time or full-time basis, especially with the need to stay relevant in a tech-filled world. It’s cold and damp outside – why not take this opportunity to learn new skills or take a refresher course? This could enable you to find a more suitable post, or simply be more confident and efficient at your current job.
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