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New Improvements to New Westminster Learning

A31T2479 300x199 New Improvements to New Westminster LearningOur New Westminster campus has (re)opened! After 18 years in its former location, the campus has upgraded to a new, 9,000-square-foot space featuring all-new ergonomic furniture, laptops, a high-resolution movie projector, and a state-of-the-art Practical Nursing lab which combines classroom and hands-on lab.

Our New Westminster campus now offers all of our most popular programs, including:

  • Practical Nursing (PN): Practical Nurses provide nursing services as well as aid doctors and registered nurses in hospitals, patients’ homes, and other facilities. This program will also prepare you for the Canadian PN Registration Exam (CPNRE).
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE): Early learning helps preschool and school-age children learn and interact well for the rest of their lives. According to Service Canada, job prospects are good for Early Childhood Educators.
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Sprott Shaw Announces New Employment Services Coordinator

A31T2528 Sprott Shaw Announces New Employment Services CoordinatorSprott Shaw College is pleased to announce Karree Karrington as our new Employment Services Coordinator.

Karree Karrington has more than 25 years of experience working in the Employment Services Sector. Her background includes extensive experience in post-secondary educational institutions in many capacities such as Job Developer, Graduate Placement Services, Career Advisor, Instructor and Career Development co-coordinator. Karree’s years of experience working with Federal and Provincial Government agencies as a Case Manager, liaison and government funded programs for recruitment of participants and Program Management brings a wealth of expertise to the position of Employment Services Coordinator. She has a strong ability to build relationships and work with employers for employment opportunities. Her enthusiasm and passion for education and employment is motivating and inspiring.

Karree, along with all of our Employment Services Specialists and our Global Career Centre will bring a breath of excitement to all campuses. Helping our graduates find careers they love continues to be one of Sprott Shaws priorities and we believe our entire Employment Services Team will continue to maintain our high standards.

For more information on our Career Centre, click here.

Holidays over, need for Sales Professionals still growing

A31T2438 300x199 Holidays over, need for Sales Professionals still growingBad news: As of 2012, the future has dimmed for door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen.

Good news: Most industries still have a growing need for qualified sales professionals.

According to Statistics Canada’s Jan. 21 and Jan. 22 reports, both retail and wholesale sales in Canada have grown compared with previous years. Retail sales have increased for five consecutive months as of November (stats for December will be released in February).
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Who Teaches The Teachers?

professor nightowl replacement 223x300 Who Teaches The Teachers?“Students must first learn how to learn” is repeated often in schools, but if you’ve ever wondered how teachers learn to teach, you might like to know more about the Instructor Competency Program.

No matter who and where they teach, the primary goal of teachers is to help their students learn. Instructors at colleges, technical institutes, and other vocational schools, however, have an additional task: equipping students with relevant real-world job skills. If you are one of these instructors, your ability to guide and inspire students can have a direct impact on their careers –stay relevant and upgrade your skills with the Instructor Competency Program (ICP). This program is also ideal if you are an expert in your field, and wish to become an instructor.

Within the Instructor Competency Program at Sprott Shaw, you will learn how to help adult learners meet their goals through a teaching tool belt that includes:
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New Era for BC Practical Nursing

newwestlab 300x199 New Era for BC Practical NursingDid you know? Last October, BC’s licensed practical nurses voted to join the BC Nurses’ Union*. This means practical nurses will now be represented by and with professional nurses. If you want to provide high-quality care while maintaining a flexible schedule, this is the perfect time to become a Practical Nurse (PN) in BC.

Practical nurses provide nursing services to patients and their families as well as assist doctors and registered nurses in hospitals, clinics, care facilities, or patients’ homes. Many PNs work part-time, choosing when and where they work. Some eventually study to become registered nurses.

At Sprott Shaw, you can learn the ins and outs of practical nursing in just 75 weeks, and prepare for the Canadian Practical Nurse Registration Examination (CPNRE). Plus, you can enroll at any time – no need to wait for the next semester or open spots – and even return for free skill upgrades.

Our New Westminster campus moved to a larger renovated space in October, unveiling an all-new hands-on LPN lab. For details about the Practical Nursing program, click here.

*(with the exception of 2,000 or so working in long-term care homes)

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

CEE 053 200x300 How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a new year and that means men and woman everywhere are pledging to quit smoking, lose weight, or go back to school. Here are some tips for going back to school that we’ve compiled based on the Forbes article entitled “How to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever“:

- Just because you know you should go back to school, think about whether you really want to go back to school. Forbes says if have a strong personal desire to go back to school “you’re far more likely to do it”.

- If you have proclaimed that you are going back to school, you need to “build a path to achieving [your] goal”. The first step in going back to school is speaking with a Career Advisor who can go over our programs, discuss financial options and help you plan your work-life balance.

- Lastly, the Forbes article warns the biggest impediment to you success is yourself. That voice inside your head may try to talk your out of the plan. You need to say to yourself “I’d love to have 2013 be my best year yet – and I’m going to do everything in my power to make it so.”

- One more thing to keep in mind from an educational perspective is that graduating from Sprott Shaw is only half the battle. Be prepared to work hard handing out resumes, preparing for interviews, sending out thank you notes and making follow up calls as you work to get the job of your dreams. Our Global Career Center will be there assisting you all the way.

Cheers to a prosperous 2013! We can’t wait for you to join us at Sprott Shaw College.

New Educational Pathways

86526998 300x200 New Educational Pathways

Sprott Shaw Has A Global Outlook

Based in B.C., but focused abroad – Sprott Shaw College makes international education a top priority.

You can see it in the diverse backgrounds of the people who study there – people who come from all over the world. Like many others, these men and women see the value of Sprott Shaw’s innovative, industry-focused training programs.

They appreciate the college’s multiple campuses, monthly start dates, flexible course scheduling, and the assistance it provides with career placement for graduates.
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Necessary Job Skills in 2013

1131723261 199x300 Necessary Job Skills in 2013If you haven’t done so, now is the time to start thinking about your career and your future. A recent post by the Wall Street Journal highlighted the top four job skills needed in 2013. They suggest that you focus on:

• Clear Communication
• Personal Branding
• Flexibility
• Productivity Improvement

This is great advice for anyone – whether they are just starting out, or have many years of experience. In today’s economy, you need to stand out as someone who can handle challenges intelligently and professionally while maintaining a focus on helping the company achieve its goals. It is no longer okay to just have the job skills – you need to have the right mindset skills to be successful.

This is precisely where we focus on at Sprott Shaw in our adult learning environments. We believe that everyone has the ability to be successful and that with the right training AND mentorship, our graduates will enter their new careers better prepared for the challenges they will face. If you haven’t done so, contact one of our Career Advisors HERE to visit our campus and see why we are different.

Health Care Professionals: Compassionate and Hardworking

hca 150x300 Health Care Professionals: Compassionate and HardworkingWe have all heard that the Health Care system is in need of qualified people across the board, but choosing a profession can be a little tricky. There are so many different careers within the Health Care sector and sometimes it is hard to distinguish between the different professions. So what exactly does a Health Care Assistants do?

Health Care Assistants (HCAs), also known as Resident Care Attendants (RCAs), can have many different responsibilities depending on where they work. Their tasks can include washing, dressing, feeding, and monitoring patients. They can help with bed making and setting up equipment. Also, they may even help with record keeping and preparing patients for therapy. As a HCA, you will have the option to work in both healthcare facilities and community agencies. Some roles that an HCA can take on include Community Health Worker, Resident Care Attendant, Nursing Auxiliaries, and Clinical Support Worker to name a few. As you can see, the work can be varied depending on your interests.
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Community Support Worker Speaker in New Westminster

DSCN4527 300x225 Community Support Worker Speaker in New WestminsterBimila Spencer from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MFCD) gave a presentation on the Ministry to New Westminster Community Support Worker (CSW) students recently. She discussed; what the roles and responsibilities are of a MCFD worker, gave an explanation of what child abuse and neglect is and what are the warning signs, the duty to report child abuse what to do when a child discloses abuse, what happens after disclosure and the role of the child welfare worker and also the role of the police and the youth agreement contract, what it is and who it is for. The Students and Staff of the New Westminster campus appreciate Ms Spencer’s visit!

Sprott-Shaw’s Community Support Worker – Social Services program meets the growing need for assistance with pregnant teenagers, homeless persons, children with special needs, and those with substance abuse problems. Contact your local campus for more information.

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