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A Career for Number Crunchers and Friendly People

781589643 200x300 A Career for Number Crunchers and Friendly PeopleAre you considering accounting as a career? You may be be surprised to learn that a considerable amount of their time is spent interacting with clients and employees. Here are some reasons why the accounting industry could be right for you:

  • Generally good work/ life balance
  • Work regular office hours
  • Varied workload
  • “Above average” projected new job openings
  • Large amount of the workforce are retiring
  • Considerable potential for advancement

Individuals that are self-managed, show initiative, and are willing to continually update their skills are the most likely candidates for promotion within this industry. Since a large portion of the current workforce is retiring, accounting professionals have been enjoying more opportunities for advancement within their organizations.
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Why getting a Sponsor is better than a Mentor

trade Why getting a Sponsor is better than a MentorMost people know about the importance of having a mentor, but the goal should be to get a sponsor. The difference is that a sponsor is someone within your organization or network that is part of upper management and can assist you in advancing your career. They have some sway in their field and can vouch for your abilities, which may help you land strategic assignments or positions.

A mentor is good if you are just starting out in your career and need some guidance. They can suggest training and give advice on ways to build on your professional competencies to move up in your industry. Mentors usually play more of supportive role than an advocate role. Sponsors usually keep an eye out for new opportunities for you to participate in such as volunteering, education, and projects. Also, they may even bring new job opportunities to your attention and refer you as well as introduce you to influential people.
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How to make rejection work for you

104768513 199x300 How to make rejection work for youYou went through the interview process and you didn’t get the job, now what? Most people just walk away at that point and don’t learn anything from the experience. However, what if there are only one or two things that you are doing unconsciously that is standing in your way from getting the job you want? Here are some ways to go about asking for the feedback and how to turn it into a positive experience.

1. Contact the interviewer and ask to have a short chat about the interview when it is convenient for them. This can be over the phone or in person, depending on what you are comfortable with. Remember that they are busy and follow up with them if they don’t get back to you within a week.

2. Make sure to ask for feedback in a positive way, such as what can I improve on to become a successful candidate in the future for a similar role or for a role within the organization. This will change the question from being negative, such as “why didn’t I get the job”, to something that will give you feedback that you can digest and work on.
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ECEs are in Demand

119595891 226x300 ECEs are in DemandFinding Daycares that accept new full-time children are few and far between. The necessity and desire of both parents to work is increasing, which means childcare is needed more than ever. Currently it seems that the childcare system cannot keep up with the demand because of the shortage of Early Childhood Educators; this is mainly as a result of workers retiring, turnover, and the creation of new jobs.

Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) have many different responsibilities; although their main focus is on assisting our youth in developing good learning and social habits. ECEs develop daily activities for children such as reading stories, teaching songs, demonstrating the use of musical instruments, and preparing craft activities. Also, they take the children to local points of interest as well as assist children in the development of proper eating, dressing and toilet habits. They attend meetings and workshops to develop and discuss new teaching methods.
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How to get hired in the current job market

1064584891 200x300 How to get hired in the current job marketThere has been a lot of coverage in the media surrounding the job market and the high level of competition job seekers face. This is true in some aspects, although there are numerous employers looking to fill positions and new job opportunities are posted on the Internet every day.

Also, many industries are growing and employers are looking for qualified workers. Recently there was a CareerBuilder and CareerRookie.com survey, which revealed that “employers (54 per cent) reported they plan to hire recent…graduates in 2012, up from 46 per cent in 2011, 44 per cent in 2010 and 43 per cent in 2009”. This survey shows that grads and entry level employees are in demand for new hires. If you are currently looking for a job, consider the following tips:

1. Be proactive in all aspects of the job search. Many times this involves taking several approaches to find companies that are hiring, creating connections with those companies, and networking in person. This can include joining social networks, volunteering your time, blogging, and talking to your current connections to see if they can assist in some way.
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Leadership: Required in all Professions

leadership 300x250 Leadership: Required in all ProfessionsEmployers often want their employees to have leadership skills regardless of the industry or profession. However, some individuals are still confused about what a good leader is or mistake leadership for being a manager. Then there are those who don’t even realize they are leaders in the making.

Leadership is demonstrated when a person guides others to obtain specific performance objectives or goals. This person will have the skills and personality traits to get people on the right track. Just because someone has the role of a leader doesn’t mean that they have the qualities required to get the results they are seeking. The “qualities of an effective leader include determination, vision, problem-solving ability, genuineness, independence, and flexibility” according to Career Options Magazine.
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Tourism Boom Expected by 2020

998161071 300x214 Tourism Boom Expected by 2020Some reports are saying that there will be an increased demand for workers in the tourism industry by 2020 due to industry growth and “retiring baby boomers, according to a new Tourism Labour Market Strategy produced by tourism resource organization go2” [Source]. This will cause a surge in the need for more trained workers and hiring across the tourism industry.

There are many different areas in tourism, but some are expected to grow at a faster pace than others. The majority of growth in tourism will be new jobs in “food and beverage (43,410), recreation and entertainment (20,530), and hotels or other accommodations (18,920)” [Source].
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Things to Ask a Potential Employer

969374942 200x300 Things to Ask a Potential EmployerEmployers ask the majority of the questions during an interview; although you should always ask questions at the end of an interview even if you asked questions throughout. Everyone is different and will have some questions that are specific to their situation, such as vacation time and day care.

However, there are some very important questions you should ask a potential employer before accepting a job. Check out the following list of questions and ask them if you want to be fully informed before making your decision to work for a new employer.

1. Why did the previous employee leave this position?

They may give you a short answer, but it can be revealing on what kind of situation you may be getting yourself into. If a person was promoted or left for a better position, then it might be a great learning environment and way to further your career. If the response seems a bit odd or cold, then the last candidate probably left on bad terms.
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Sprott-Shaw Global Career Centre

781589641 200x300 Sprott Shaw Global Career CentreSearching the internet and networking can be time consuming, but necessary in order to find a job. What if you had a team of professionals helping you find job openings that you are qualified for and located in your area? This additional job search assistance is available to all Sprott-Shaw grads. We would like to make it easier for our grads to transition quickly into their chosen career.

We are proud that Sprott-Shaw is the BC leader in job placement assistance! This in part happened because of the creation of the Global Career Centre, also known as the GCC, in October 2010. The GCC is a group of human resources professionals that are dedicated to assisting Sprott-Shaw graduates find job leads and assist them in the application process. The GCC is a call centre so you don’t even have to leave your house in order to access their help and their long list of employer contacts. Sprott-Shaw students that have utilized our free GCC services are quickly finding work after graduation.
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The Growing Senior Population

1042612231 200x300 The Growing Senior PopulationThere have been predictions for years that our government will have to deal with a larger population of seniors than we can afford, but as life expectancy increases these predictions are slowly becoming a reality. Currently British Columbia’s population is nearly 32% children aged 0 to14 and seniors aged 65 or older. That means that almost one third of BC’s population are not of working age. There are some major economic issues that may occur as a result of our aging population including an increase in: health care expenditures, pension expenditures, taxes to cover social programs, and the age to collect Old Age Security.

Some of the major reasons this imbalance is occurring has been “Canada’s low fertility rates”. Since most people are concerned with their career and education they are putting off starting families until later in life. Also, it seems that “Canadians are simply not having enough babies – nor bringing in enough immigrants – to replace all the current taxpayers who will be retiring in the coming years”.
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