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I am always very grateful to the dedicated teachers and experience that I had

MarjI attended Sprott-Shaw School of Commerce as it was then called in 1964 in Victoria. I was fresh out of Grade 12 from rural Alberta and just living in Victoria was a life changing event. The things I learned and the talents I acquired gave me a life-long career as a Secretary and then as terminology changed Administrative Assistant. I am always very grateful to the dedicated teachers and experience that I had.

We had to dress properly to attend (no slacks, no sloppy t-shirts or “non-business” attire). We were taught how to sit properly while we were typing (no legs crossed, ankles positioned properly). We were also taught how to introduce ourselves and co-workers to others (something that came in very useful over the years) and my favourite is hair and make-up no-nos. Spelling mistakes were not tolerated, Pittman shorthand was big at that time and exercises and tests were rigid. When I graduated from Sprott-Shaw I got a job with Pitfield McKay in Trounce Alley. What a wonderful experience.

I worked full-time for 35+ years and am still working now part-time 2 days a week, still using the talents and skills I initially learned at Sprott-Shaw.

Marj S.
Executive Office Administrator Program
Victoria Campus

My experience with Sprott Shaw was positive and one I will never forget

My journey with Sprott Shaw College began back in the early spring of 2012 when I suffered a career ending injury and was no longer able to continue being a professional cook. Feeling lost and not knowing where I would fit in within the working world I enrolled into a two week career planning class that was offered by Sprott Shaw. By the end of the two-week I knew where I was heading. So I went to get a back to work grant from the government, at first I was turned down and I was ready to give up, but the amazing and caring administrator of my campus Ursula never let me give in. She knew I would do well and went up to bat for me and the entire campus helped me gain the funding I needed to enroll. I enrolled into the Community Support Worker course, I was well trained by my amazing instructor Jem who is the definition of a living legend: she was really knowledgeable, had many years’ experience within the field and taught me everything I needed to know to be a success. Jem was amazing and always set up her class to be successful, by the time my practicum came around I was ready to be in the field, and shortly after finishing the class I was able to get my first job as a youth worker in a well-known organization in the province. My time and experience with Sprott Shaw was very positive and one that I will never forget. I highly recommend Sprott Shaw College to anyone who is wishing to gain an education, or to start a new career.

Chris S.
Community Support Worker Program
New Westminster Campus

I found all of my professors to be helpful and understanding

photo(1)Being a student at Sprott Shaw College, I found all of my professors to be helpful and understanding. I found there was always someone here to help me throughout my journey. Finishing my program, Sprott Shaw helped me to find a job in the career that I have always loved. From helping me build my resume, preparing me for interviews, and helping me contact companies; Sprott Shaw was there supporting not just my education, but getting me working at a job that I love.

Ashley L
Legal Assistant
Surrey Campus

Wow my dream job in only three days

dorothyAs I sit here in between clients I think back over the last year and I cannot believe where I have come. My husband and I have two boys who are now grown so I thought that it would be fun for me to find a job. The last job I had was over thirty years ago, when I worked in a hospital as a care aide. But shorty after I had started working I was in an motor vehicle accident, I had such injuries that I was forced to stop working. Before I had a chance to go back to work I fell in love with the man of my dreams and we decided that I would be a stay at home mom. So after raising our two boys I decided to get a job. When I first started looking I was not sure what to look for. At that time I was looking for a cashier job not sure how I would learn how to add. Our family were at a hockey game last fall when a piece of paper fell from one of the remote controlled balloon. I looked at it and it was a advertisement for Sprott Shaw College. It said that if I took this paper in then I would not have to pay the registration fee. I was looking to see what courses they had if I would be interested in any of them. There was this course for becoming a Health Care Aide. So through out the hockey game I would look at the paper then watch the game, then I would look at the paper again and then the game. This went on for the whole game, so after I asked my husband Rick and he told me to go for it. It was hard for me to imagine going back to school at my age.
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Sprott Shaw helped me to achieve my goals to become an HCA.

StephenSuccessTheir courses that they offered are more competitive in the job market, and being in class I found that Sprott Shaw was a great place to learn. Both the instructors as well as the non teaching staff all co-operatively worked together to help me achieve my academic goals. During my time at school, they found me a clinical site to work at where I could further use my hands on learning, and at the end, the place where I did my clinical hired me on! I gained a lot of knowledge from Sprott Shaw and I am a better Heath Care Assistant because of it!

Stephen N
Health Care Assistant
Surrey Campus

I was able to secure employment before my last day of class. Thank you Sprott Shaw!

As a mother I am constantly thinking about providing the best possible life for my daughter. I felt that obtaining a post-secondary education would be the best way to ensure that I could do that for her. Through hard work, perseverance, as well as the support of the staff at Sprott Shaw College, I will be graduating with Legal Assistant Honours Diploma. In addition I was able to secure employment before my last day of class. Thank you Sprott Shaw!

Kayla E
Legal Assistant
Victoria Campus

I am so glad I got over my hesitation on going back to school…


I came to Sprott Shaw searching for something, but I wasn’t really sure what. I was sitting in Phil’s office, hoping that he would have the magic course. Well, he didn’t, but it turns out that I did. I wanted to be a paralegal, but Phil let me know that there wasn’t much of a call for that here on the Island. So, I decided to pursue the Legal Assistant program.

Everything else happened so quickly my head was spinning. The next thing I knew I was starting school. I hadn’t been to school in a few years so I was a little nervous. I wondered what I had gotten myself into a lot! I met some great people in class and have made some good friends.

I finish my class at the end of June, and have been lucky to have found a job that will allow me to work part time until I am finished. I started on Monday, and I work with the best bunch of people. They are so helpful and so nice.

I am so glad I got over my hesitation on going back to school, because now I think I have found the right direction!

Nadine K
Legal Assistant
Victoria Campus

I am GRATEFUL to […] Sprott Shaw

Karen's Grad Photo #2At the age of 44 I decided to go back to school. I had been in retail on and off for 25 years and just could not do it anymore. My soul was literally crying out for fulfillment! I was scared and unrealistically afraid to fail. I wanted to go back to school a long time ago and my fear of failure stopped me from going at all. Finally I just couldn’t do retail anymore and went in and registered for the H.C.A. program at Sprott Shaw in Surrey. I live in a world where just going to school was not an option so had to face working full-time and going to school full-time. I was worried about how I would juggle the two and how would I have time to study or even do homework! For 7 months day by day I went to school at 6:30am to do homework and study and then went to work. I got a max of 4-4 1/2 hours sleep a night and on exam days even less because I got up at 3:30am to study as I had no other time to do so. I got most of my homework done and aced almost every exam. I finally graduated and w/Honours no less. I couldn’t believe it and sometimes still can’t. I am GRATEFUL to some of the women at Sprott Shaw for their constant encouragement even when I came in tears from shear exhaustion and frustration pushing me to keep going and here I am now working where I did my first practicum and very happy indeed! It was a tough slog and it took everything in me to do it…but “I DID IT”! WOOHOO!! Thank you Sprott Shaw and specifically Lois (instructor), Shelley (finance), Aimée (career planning) and Angela (clinical instructor)! Without you gals I would not be where I am today!

Karen C.
Health Care Assistant Program
Surrey Campus

Sprott Shaw helped me to realize my true potential

photoSprott Shaw helped me to realize my true potential. The instructors and staff supported me every step of the way and made sure I am prepared for my new career. I liked how the instructors were able to explain things clearly, and basing instruction on real life. The class times are convenient and small so she was able to get extra help if needed.

Jo-Anna C.
Legal Assistant Program
Surrey Campus

Coming to Sprott Shaw has helped me reach my goals one step at a time

Nicole LencachaBefore starting school I was extremely unsatisfied with the employment options available without furthering my education. While attending Sprott Shaw I not only enjoyed my time here, but when I was done with the program and started my job search I realized just how many options were now available to me. My dream is to work with abused women and children and right now I am working in a preschool to gain more experience while I keep working towards my dream. Thanks Sprott Shaw!

Nicole L.
Community Support Worker – Social Services Program
Surrey Campus

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