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TESL Online

Our Online TESL Diploma program is designed for individuals who do not live near an in-class program, are working and / or have a limited schedule, or just want to study at their own pace. This program consists of 10 short modules, plus a practicum, that must be completed in sequence.

The TESL Diploma Program is designed for people wishing to pursue a career in Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) to non-native English speakers. The national accreditation body in Canada for these programs is TESL Canada.

Graduates of the TESL Online Diploma Program are eligible to apply for the TESL/TESOL Canada Professional Standard One Certificate. This is the basic standard for ESL teachers in Canada, both in private and public school programs. In addition, TESL/TESOL Canada certification is a requirement for all
teachers in member schools of Languages Canada.

After registering for this program, students are given the textbook and direct access to a tutor. The program consists of 10 modules. Each module has two files, a PDF file of readings to supplement the text book, and a Word file of questions and exercises. These files will be emailed to you. The assignment (Word) file must be completed and returned to your tutor for marking and comments.

All exercises must be completed and submitted by email before starting the next module. There are ten modules and a practicum which must be successfully completed to graduate from this program.

The practicum component consists of 10 hours of observing TESL Canada-certified teachers, and solo-teaching for 10 hours.

There is no attendance requirement for the TESL Online Program. This program is self-paced.
Learners are expected to remain active and in communication with their online instructor. Learners must complete all ten modules within 1 calendar year of registering for the program.