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TESOL for Children with Practicum

TESOL for Children at Sprott Shaw College is a highly practical course that fully prepares its graduates for the challenging job of teaching English to children. This four week intensive program builds on the skills developed in TESOL as all the subjects are explored from the children’s perspective. After learning about physical, cognitive and emotional development, students can then apply that knowledge to teaching topics like reading, writing and phonics. The course also covers the effective use of games, songs, chants and drama, all the while motivating children for long term learning. On completion of this course, graduates will be ready to group students and positively discipline them in a wide variety of situations.

At the end of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:
– Plan a lesson specifically for children
– Adjust a lesson plan according to target age
– Manage a classroom and deal with behavior issues
– Lead a game to both motivate and teach effectively
– Use songs, changes and drama to teach English
– Teach activity based and language based lessons
– Teach reading, writing, phonics and spelling for children
– Create a unit plan with central themes