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Corporate Training


In existence since 1903, Sprott Shaw College has been dedicated to providing quality training and education to its students.

Employing the principles of adult education theory, the curriculum has expanded to include much more than office training, as students now train for careers in healthcare, tourism, hospitality, business, administrative and international studies. Sprott Shaw has always maintained a sharp focus to provide relevant skills for meaningful jobs in high growth industries.

The modern campuses of Sprott Shaw now train over 4500 students each year. All locations feature small class sizes, qualified instructors, hands-on training and a friendly, appropriate learning environment for adults of all ages. During the past century, Sprott Shaw College has built a solid reputation with both the private sector and government. This reputation is based not only on training excellence, but also on Sprott Shaw graduates’ enviable record of securing successful jobs after training.

In all cases, the College’s goal is to help students to obtain employment at the conclusion of their studies and to open the door for life-long learning.


The SSC Corporate Training and Government Programs Division was created to meet the demands of the ever changing needs of the modern workplace. Sprott Shaw has committed to increasing its scope of curriculum to provide training to Corporate employees, along with opportunities to enhance professional development.


SSC is currently providing course offerings in: MS Office Suite and Transition from Office 2007, Professional Development workshops for Community Support Workers (Addictions and Social Services) and Road Builders Certification.