Views and Voices – June 2011


The annual Relay for Life was held on June 17, 2011, in Abbotsford at the Exhibition Stadium. Once again the Spa Body Therapy students stepped up to give chair massages to the survivors, and supporters of the event. This is the 6th year in a row that the Abbotsford campus has participated, and we are always a welcome site to those who know we’re coming. Marguerite, Lorraine, Zenia and I all met at the survivor’s tent for 6:00 pm where past participants were already waiting to sign up for their 15 minutes of relaxation and rejuvenation. The massages are free but we do have a  donation box on the table, where people are able show their appreciation. This year we collected $123.25 that went toward the cause. Being at the event also gives us an opportunity to promote the spa program and our student clinic.


Dev Community Support Worker – Social Services

Food drive, every student generously donated one bag of food to give to the food drive

We had a new start for the PN program June 13, 2011


We had our assembly today and the theme was:


We did a trivia quiz and the prize was World of Dance Tickets and Ravi Singh won them.
Prize for 100% attendance was World of Dance tickets and Ryan and Jose won them.

On June 9th, 2011 we had our 4th pinning ceremony for the graduated PN students. 18 students attended plus their family and friends totalling to approximately 50 people. We had cake and coffee for refreshments. The PN’s lit the candles and then as a group recited the Florence Nightingale Poem.


The Kamloops campus has had a busy month with many students away on practicum, coming back from practicum and starting different courses. Despite this a few of the Instructors and Staff have managed to escape for some vacation time, allowing us to welcome some relief staff to campus.

Although the Canucks may have lost last month in the Stanley Cup finals, it’s safe to say that the students had better luck when it came to scoring goals during our Stanley Cup Shoot to Win. Students were given the opportunity to get a goal in the net (which was set up with a fake Tim Thomas goalie of course) in order to be entered to win a Canucks prize pack. Colin M. of the Community Support Work class won the prize pack, but really all the students won when a hot dog day was hosted on Friday. If you roast them, they will come. The nursing students and staff had surprisingly remarkable skills as future hockey players, so we know there is always a potential rookie team in the making during the winter time. They have to de-stress some way after finals, right? And in mentioning nursing students, we have to send out a big giant congratulation to the
March 2011 nursing graduates who passed the National Exam with a 100% pass rate.

Way to go!


The Ktown Campus just keeps buzzing with things on the go! Summer is here and we are looking forward to another year of amazing Okanagan weather, but has that slowed us down? I think not!

Congrats to Kayla B. who won the $100 Starbucks card for our ‘Bring a Friend to School’ day. At our last assembly, we handed out referral fees and they keep on coming! Big shout out to our current students who truly believe in what they are doing….so much so that they have helped others to do the same.

This is Anni’s 3rd year of taking part in the ‘Ride to Conquer’ cancer. Anni is one of our Practical Nursing instructors who is a cancer survivor! Her passion for finding a cure and ‘doing something about it’ has spread like wildfire within the campus! With the help of Rhea M. and her fellow classmates, 3 gift baskets were collected and raffled off.

An astounding $740 was raised to help Anni do what she loves to do…which is saving the world!

Janelle B. is June’s SUPER STUDENT OF THE MONTH! Janelle’s perma-smile and professionalism earned her this award! Janelle is an ‘almost’ graduate of the AALS program and we here at Sprott-Shaw Kelowna have no doubt about her bright future ahead in the Legal industry! Congrats Janelle!

The Kelowna Campus would like to congratulate all High School Graduates in the Kelowna School District! May your high school graduation be a reminder that you can do anything!

Let the summer fun begin!


Hey all – YAY!!! Summer finally arrived on June 21 (rightly so) and to celebrate we had Tacky tourist Tuesday. Besided Mr/Ms Bones, we had 2 fun loving students and 2 instructors meet the requirements – very, very tacky. In fact, Zola was so tacky she nearly stuck to her chair!

Last Friday the instructors pitched in to host a student appreciation BBQ. Bar-B-Qued dogs, watermelon and home baked cookies – isn’t that considered a well-rounded meal The students really enjoyed the change of pace and all the instructors had a great time puting it on.

In response to our “Bring a Buddy to School” draw, MOA student Brandi won the $50 gift card for Mark’s Work Warehouse.

We’re very excited to be hosting a PN Informational Open House on June 29th. Invitations were sent to Work Zone offices and care facilities from Summerland to Osoyoos as well as to various individuals. An ad promoting this open house will also appear in this week and next weeks’ local paper. On the subject of PN’s, we are very excited to see our first group of Practical Nurses completing and receiving their PN Pins on June 30. These students are bright and determined, so we know they will have a fabulous career ahead. Will have group photo in next month’s submission.


For the students in the Philippines, the month of June is one of the most exciting parts of the year as it marks the start of the school year. In  preparation for this schools year’s challenges, Sprott-Shaw Philippines conducted a two day team building workshop (June 2 and 3). The objectives of the event were (1) to improve team work and (2) reinforce the leadership skills of each team member. Cheers to Gloria and Santini for organizing a productive and invigorating activity.

In the same event, SSCC Philippines gave a warm welcome to a new member of the family, Ms. Noemi Cancio, initially introduced as the AHLEI Consultant and now Head of the Academics and Operations Department. Ms. Cancio has over 30 years of extensive professional and academic background in the Philippines education industry.

Sprott-Shaw Philippines recently held its 2nd Commencement Exercises last June 23, 2011. The activity was attended by Resident Care Attendant (RCA) students coming from the different SSCC campuses offering the RCA program such as Far Eastern University in Manila, Holy Angel University in Pampanga, and Far Eastern College in Cavite. It was also the first event that brought together the different campuses in the Philippines.

As a culminating activity, Sprott-Shaw Philippines staged a jam-packed seminar with our partner school- Manuel S. Enverga University Foundation. It was attended by over 200 students and nurses from different colleges and hospitals in Quezon Province. It was the first time the region experienced a seminar delivered through the Global Learning Network (GLN). Once again, Sprott-Shaw Community College showcased its innovation towards education. The speakers were our very own Marketing Director Gloria Yang on the topic “Helpful Tips on Heart Attack” and Ms. Kathlyn Palafox, one of Sprott-Shaw’s premier Nursing educators in Canada, on the topic “Regulated and Unregulated Health Care Professions in Canada”. The event is part of SSCC Philippines’ marketing initiatives towards increasing enrollment turn out. Special shout out to Zarah, Daryl,
Chris, and Joash for ensuring the success of the event.


Sprott-Shaw Degree College is proud to announce two new University transfer programs! SSDC students who complete their first or second year can now transfer to DevRy and Royal Roads University with a full transfer credit. For more information contact Colin at SSDC.


June was a busy month for the Surrey campus with so much happening and so much to prepare for! It all started with a surprise birthday for our ECE instructor, Alison – she thought she could keep the secret but it all came out – IN CONFETTI BALLOONS!

We’ve had many successful students getting employed – two of who are Darren, Pharmacy Assistant and Li, our LPN!

Surrey campus is now preparing for an upcoming Red FM Job Fair happening this weekend along with preparing for a Summer Food Drive.


June was a rainy month for the Vancouver campus.

We had a student assembly where instructors honored some of our students who have had perfect attendance and good marks! At our assembly we got pizza for everyone and we announced our picnic day which will be held for July 28th!


We had our student appreciation BBQ June 9/11, great turnout.

Our summer program will start next month and we are happy to announce that we will be having the Russian, Japanese, and Mexican students so welcome to them all and hope they have a great summer with us.