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5 Things About Becoming a Practical Nurse

Posted March 31, 2017, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: , ,

lpn college courseWhy should you become a nurse? We asked Christel W., Practical Nursing Coordinator at our Kamloops campus (and a Licensed Practical Nurse herself), for some insight. Here are the five things she told us were best about becoming a Practical Nurse.


Care teams are exactly that: a team. Practical nurses, registered nurses, and health care assistants work together in hospitals, facilities, and in the community to foster patient care. Each team member is responsible for his or her own duties and assists the others where necessary.

Career Growth

Nurses are in demand. Even new nurses often have more than enough shifts to keep them occupied and give them career stability. Between hospitals, long-term care facilities, home and community nursing, leadership positions, teaching, and starting your own business, the opportunities are countless. Further, the scope of practice is ever-changing. Not so many years ago, practical nurses did similar work to what health care assistants now accomplish. It’s exciting to see how LPNs have evolved and more exciting to think about what the future holds for them.


The workday of a nurse is constantly changing, offering a variety of tests and rewards. No two patients are alike. No two days are alike. But every day nurses make a difference in their patients’ lives. There’s always a new challenge to experience and something new to learn.


Speaking of learning—the evolution in the practical nursing scope of practice leads to the opportunity to further your education. This is so much more than math and biology. Practical nurses can take additional courses to open new avenues of care and new career opportunities. Specialty courses you can take include IV Insertion, advanced orthopedics, and foot care.

Personal Growth

If you have the desire to make a difference, becoming a Practical Nurse is life-changing. Nurses are constantly learning and encountering new situations. Attending the nursing program raises your confidence and gives you focus and drive. Time and again students walk into the classroom on the first day shy and uncertain. By graduation, they’ve become confident and independent, ready to take on a new role and find amazing opportunities. Nursing is more than a career; it defines you.

If you’re looking for a dynamic career that features growth, learning opportunities, and teamwork, check out our Practical Nursing program today!