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About Sprott Shaw

About Sprott Shaw

A long time ago our founders Robert James Sprott and William Henry Shaw had a vision. They wanted to create a college offering the right programs to meet the needs of the current economy and broader community; programs that provided students with relevant skills and meaningful jobs in high growth industries. Over 116 years later that’s still exactly what Sprott Shaw provides.

Sprott Shaw offers a different option beyond what is currently expected of the private and public sectors within the educational system. As a private college we offer recognized, relevant, respected education, and training delivered in a modern way. Also, our history sets us apart from other private institutions.


Our History

Robert James Sprott partnered with William Henry Shaw in 1903…Read more

Mission and Goals

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Designations & Affiliations

View our various designations including PTIB, EQA, and IRCC…Read more

Work Placements

Sprott Shaw is pleased to offer a number of programs that contain work experience…Read more


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CIBT Education Group

CIBT Education Group Inc. is focused on the global education market…Read more


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