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About Sprott Shaw

Value Statements


We desire to be active and collaborative partners in our local communities where our colleges embrace a learner centered philosophy that promotes inclusion, mutual respect, and accessibility.


We believe in a creative, dynamic, and innovative learning environment that embraces the multicultural nature of our communities and the uniqueness of each individual.


We believe in strong moral principles, respect for the rights of all individuals, and the importance of open and honest communication.


We embrace a modern approach to education with instructors who are experts in both teaching as well as their profession, and we produce successful graduates, equipped to enter and prosper in their chosen field.


We believe in developing authentic relationships and in creating an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality where all people feel valued and supported.

Results Oriented

We are an accountable, progressive, and outcome-driven organization. We are committed to the well-being and success of both our students and our staff.

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