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Aboriginal Students

Sprott Shaw offers a comfortable learning environment for Aboriginal students to thrive in a more personal setting. We understand that part of our student’s success is having real connections with their classmates and instructors. That’s why we only teach you what you need know, in smaller class sizes, to ensure easier access to instructors and greater engagement in your daily lessons. You are also welcome to return to Sprott Shaw for free lifetime refresher training and upgrading*.

You can start a new and meaningful career after graduating from one of our more than 100 PTIB accredited programs. There are many opportunities in your community and throughout Canada for a long standing career. These opportunities include community health representative, early childhood educator, health director, assisted living worker, practical nurse, electrician, and tourism coordinator to name a few.

In addition, there is a need for Aboriginal professionals within First Nations communities. Cultural sensitivity and knowledge is on your side when applying for these positions. It is a matter of deciding what is right for you and what interests you, whether it is a career within your community or working for a private organization.

*Restrictions apply. See your campus for details.
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