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International Students

Annual Activities

Sprott-Shaw offers a wide range of activities during and after class that are fun, interesting, and most of all educational experience for international students. Our teachers and staff encourage students to participate in various conversation and communicative activities, celebrations of international and Canadian holidays, student clubs, sport teams, alumni association, and tutoring/exchange programs.

Students are also encouraged to experience the wonderfully multi-cultural environment in Vancouver, the natural beauty and history of Victoria, the great outdoors and friendly people of Kamloops, and all of the great adventures throughout Canada.

CANADA DAY – July 1st  

Sprott Shaw College is a proud Canadian institution. Every July 1st, we enjoy feeling and expressing the Canadian spirit through a variety of festivities: parade, open concerts, fireworks, food fair, and so on. Sprott Shaw staff and students also join each other each year to have fun and celebrate the Canada’s special day. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community and bring in some great fun!


There is no better place to experience multiculturalism than in Vancouver. To embody our international spirit and celebrate our diverse student body, Sprott Shaw staff and students participate in various cultural activities each year in many different roles: spectators, volunteers, or participants.

Earlier this year, we celebrated Vancouver’s Latin American community in general, and our Latin American students in particular at Festival Del Sol. It was truly an occasion of rich and joyful cultural music, games, cuisine, and traditions for those who attended.


Sprott Shaw always encourages healthy competition among students, while wanting them to learn to work cohesively as a team. To do so, there is no better lesson than having students participate in sports events such as the Carnaval Del Sol Soccer Tournament sponsored by LatinVancouver.

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