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International Students

Co-op Information for Employers

Sprott Shaw College offers the Coop program to students, so they can gain practical work experience in a Canadian workplace. Students will be required to apply what they’ve learned from their in-class training, and will be able to improve and gain more skills.

The Co-op program is usually offered to international students enrolled in various programs, including Business Administration Management, Global Business Marketing and Hospitality & Tourism Management. Co-op duration can vary between 13 to 47 weeks depending on the program.

Benefits of hiring a Sprott Shaw College co-op student:

• To make sure our students are legally entitled to work in Canada, co-op coordinator collects their appropriate documents from coop students including: passport, study and work permits, SIN and MSP
• SSC co-op students are fully trained in-class and have participated career orientation provided by the college
• SSC co-op offers year round available students that can start at any month and helps reduce company recruiting time and is cost-effective
• SSC International Co-op coordinator can assist companies posting a job and arranging interviews
• Hiring a coop student is an ideal solution for temporary positions or short-term projects
• SSC co-op students are hardworking, motivated and are excited to bring new ideas to your workplace

How to become a Host (Employer) for our Co-op students:

• Inform or send job postings to Chrystal Hamerton at
• International Co-op Coordinator will send you resumes of qualified students for the position(s) by email
• International Co-op Coordinator will facilitate the time, date and location of your interview with the qualified student candidate(s)
• Once the host have selected the right candidate, the International Co-op Coordinator will contact the student and provide a Co-op Package that includes the Host Agreement
• During the co-op period of the students, the host is required to sign and their required monthly report forms
• Once the student has reached the end of his/her coop term, the host is required to fill out a final evaluation form to be submitted directly to the International Co-op Coordinator by email

Funding Resources:

• MITACS – Accelarate (
• Service Canada: Canada Summer Jobs Program (
• BC Tech Co-op Grants Program (
• BC Arts Council: Special Project Assistance – Co-op (
• CICan Clean Internship (


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email