What is the Sprott Shaw College – BCIT Pathway?

Sprott Shaw College and British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) have partnered to create the Sprott Shaw College – BCIT Pathway: Enabling Sprott Shaw College graduates entry into BCIT’s School of Business. If you complete the entire pathway you will have the opportunity to earn a BCIT Business Diploma and a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in addition to your Sprott Shaw College Diploma.

After completing an 8-month or longer Business Diploma at BCIT, international students may apply for a post-graduate work permit. International students looking to obtain a study permit or work permit should contact Canadian Immigration & Citizenship.

Who Qualifies for the Sprott Shaw College – BCIT Pathway?

    • Sprott Shaw College students and alumni who have graduated from the programs listed below within the last 5 years.

Eligible Sprott Shaw College Programs:

Plan Your Pathway

Year 1: Sprott Shaw College Diploma

Sprott Shaw has been training British Columbians for over 100 years. Offerings include everything from extensive Management and Business programs, Hospitality, Practical Nursing, and Early Childhood Education programs.

The programs at Sprott Shaw that offer a pathway into BCIT’s second year of select business diplomas include:

The Business Administration Management program not only gives you a foundational understanding of business operations but also includes Accounting, Human Resources, Business Law and of course Digital Marketing and Social Media courses.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Management program focuses on the development of business understanding, both domestically and internationally, considering the structure of the modern business environment. The curriculum emphasizes the skills necessary to align processes and resources to improve communication, productivity and effectiveness.

The Hospitality Management & Business Administration Principles Accelerated program combines the Adaptability and general business knowledge of the Professional Business management with the focus and excitement of the Tourism / Hospitality Management program. This program offers AHLA (American Hotel and Lodging Association) certificates.

Year 2: BCIT Advanced Diploma in Business Management or BCIT Direct Entry Options into second-year Diploma program

After completing a Sprott Shaw College Diploma, you are ready to expand your knowledge and cultivate business management skills in:

Depending on which pathway option you choose from Sprott Shaw College to BCIT you may be required to complete 3 to 4 bridging courses prior to entering the second year at BCIT. These courses are offered part time as well as evenings and weekends at BCIT.

Year 3: Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (Optional)

After completing a BCIT Business Diploma you have the option to enroll in BCIT’s

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The degree emphasizes critical and strategic thinking and provides students the opportunity to be better prepared for career advancement by enhancing the skills developed in their diploma programs at BCIT and Sprott Shaw College.

Enter the Workforce:

After completing either a Sprott Shaw College or a BCIT Business Diploma, you are ready to enter the workforce.

We invite you to explore the website and get in touch with us to discuss your pathway. You are closer than you think to earning a business credential!

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