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It also gave me the much needed boost on my career.

Posted March 8, 2018, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: , , ,

It was at all “a leap of faith”, as I may have described it when I first came here in Vancouver. Also, it was through faith that I was enrolled at Sprott Shaw College and took Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing Administration (PGCN) program. As an international student new to the program, I felt very anxious of what the future holds. As I go on with the course, I have encountered many struggles and challenges. However, with the guidance of my instructors and with the help of my ever supportive classmates, I was able to overcome those obstacles.

The program helped me become more knowledgeable, acquired new skills and learned how to possess a positive attitude in Nursing. While in school I have also taken my CPNRE and passed it and all I can say this program really helped me prepare for the licensing exam. I am also grateful with the school’s flexibility in providing us with time and support in terms of days off to prepare for our LPN and RN exams.

In addition, this program makes me more competitive on an international level which is lucrative for my employer and myself. It also gave me the much needed boost on my career, having an international mindset. This course made me adept in areas where highly specialized skill in caring for sick people is needed. I am confident that this chosen course is right for me and having this certificate would give me better job opportunities and a successful career.

Johanna Javier
PGCN Program