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Business Communication Management & Hospitality Program with Co-op

The program is divided into two modules, each lasting 4 weeks. The first module focuses on business communication skills, such as making presentations, taking part in meetings, negotiating, telephoning, and using English in social situations. Students will familiarize themselves with communication tools that are mainly used in North America.

In the second module, students will learn essential workforce entry skills and business documentation skills. Students will also gain knowledge in the three areas of effective presentation: content, design and oral presentation. Through a variety of projects students will apply skills and knowledge in both print and digital presentation.

Additionally, students will have an option to choose two business courses building upon the basic business skills.

A Co-op has been added so that students can apply all theory and skills learned to a practical situation.

HS241 – Food and Beverage Management
HS250 – Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
HS260 – Understanding Accounting
HS281 – Hospitality Facilities Management & Design
HS304 – Leadership/Management in the Hospitality Industry
HS323 – Fundamentals of Destination Management & Marketing
HS338 – Housekeeping Management
HS357 – Managing Hospitality Human Resources
HS387 – Security & Loss Prevention Management
HS424 – Resort Management
HS428 – International Hotel Management
HS468 – Hospitality Industry Computer Systems
HS472 – Hospitality Sales & Marketing
HS478 – Convention Management and Service
TM200 – Introduction to Tourism
TM201 – Cross Cultural Tourism
TM202 – Environmental Stewardship
TM203 – Risk Management & Legal Liability in Tourism
TM206 – Ground Transportation
TM208 – Cruises
TM214 – Tours