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Early Childhood Education Assistant Program

The Child Growth and Development course presents a comprehensive overview of the developmental changes that take place from conception to twelve years. Emphasis of the course will be on the individual needs of each child. It highlights current trends and issues in research, cultural influences, and examines variations in development.

The Guiding and Caring course presents a comprehensive overview of positive child guidance. The focus will be on childrearing in today’s world, understanding children’s behaviour and understanding the reasons for problem behaviours. It highlights guidelines for effective guidance, positive communication, planning the prosocial environment and addressing persistent, unproductive patterns of behaviour. The course will also provide an in-depth study of diverse children and families as well as logical and natural consequences.

The Health, Safety and Nutrition course presents a comprehensive overview of three major topical areas: children’s health issues, safety concerns and management, and nutrition (basic and applied). It highlights current trends and issues in research and examines case studies in each area.
The course will also provide the student with an in-depth study of communicable illnesses (process and effective control), dental health, health assessment tools, fire safety, playground safety, seat belt safety, child abuse and neglect, nutritional guidelines, four food groups, Canada Food Guide, menu planning and food safety.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic information of health, safety and proper nutrition for young children
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic licensing regulations, safety and hygiene related to child care facilities
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic child development
  • Promote the psychological and physical safety, health and well-being of each child
  • Develop and maintain a warm, caring and responsive relationship with each child
  • Establish and maintain an open and cooperative relationships with each child’s family
  • Establish and maintain a supportive and collaborative relationship with colleagues
  • Effectively problem sovle and resolve conflicts

Note that successful completion of any of the following courses – EC100, EC110 or EC180 individually or as part of a program will allow the student to apply for assistant status. Successful completion of EC100 includes attendance of a minimum of 90 instructional/classroom hours to be eligible for this certificate.