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Why Sprott Shaw

Why Sprott Shaw

If our long and stories history has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of being able to adapt at all times. That’s why our programs and courses are designed to be dynamic and flexible, just like your lifestyle. Our rolling program start dates ensure there are no waiting for most programs, which makes it easy for you to learn what you want when you want to learn it. We have over 110 programs in 13 locations to choose from. When you’re finished school, our career advisors and intensive job search assistance programs will ensure you get the best possible start to your career.

Sprott Shaw’s Advantage

At Sprott Shaw, we take pride in offering an educational experience that’s truly supportive…
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Success Stories

We have been training students since 1903 and have had many success stories since then…
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Sprott Shaw Blog

Check out our blog for news and information on Sprott Shaw, education and job skills…
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Placement Success

Here you’ll find a list of a few of the companies that hire Sprott Shaw graduates…
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Campus Life

Get information on accommodation, computer labs and campus events…
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G2 Learning

G2 Learning is designed to provide students access to resources all day, everyday…
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Check out our list of frequently asked questions and answers…
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