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Why Sprott Shaw

115th Anniversary Giveaway


Way back in 1903, Robert James Sprott partnered with William Henry Shaw of Shaw Colleges to open the first Sprott Shaw school, called Vancouver Business Institute. Since then, the college has survived economic recessions, two World Wars and the Great Depression, and today we have 16 campuses across British Columbia. Learn more about our history here. To celebrate Sprott Shaw’s 115th anniversary, we’re giving back to our fans on Social Media by giving away 115 gift cards for Food, Coffee, Movies and more! Click the button below to enter to win. Share our contest with your friends and family and you’ll get bonus entries to win more prizes! View the terms and conditions of our contest here or click the button below to enter!




Are you an Alumni of Sprott Shaw College? We’d like to hear your story! Click here to submit your success story to us, we’d love to hear from you! Refer a friend to Sprott Shaw and we’ll give you both $250, get more information here.


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