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Employment Services


Our dedicated Employment Services Specialists assist our graduates find careers they love. Our team makes this a priority to maintain our high standards. Each campus also has a Job Board for students and alumni. Drop by your campus anytime to browse the job board and speak with your ESS. Once you graduate and find permanent employment we invite you to return to your campus and ring our job bell!

Many Sprott Shaw diploma programs include a 40-hour Career and Professional Development course, which encourages the student to develop the necessary skills needed for successful job interviews and employment-seeking methods.

We encourage students to keep in touch with our College after graduation. All employment opportunities, which are posted with the College, are available to any of our graduates.

Students are encouraged to “ring the bell” – every campus has a bell that the student will ring to signify “I got a job”. All students and staff in all classrooms will come out to offer congratulations.

If you have a job posting you would like advertised in one or more of our campuses or require job placement assistance, please choose the closest campus to you from our ESS Contact for assistance. If you are a Student or Alumni looking for our online job board, please click here.

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