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Why Sprott Shaw

Online Learning

Students: Click here to access the G2-Learning web site.

Sprott Shaw’s “G2-Learning” is an exciting Online Learning Management System that is designed to provide students access to select assignments, notes and slides from their courses all day, everyday on the Internet through the open-source “Moodle” LMS.

This platform has been selected for use by Sprott Shaw College for multiple reasons:

User Friendly Format – G2-Learning is the most intuitive platform available.

Adaptability – The Open Source nature of this platform provides an opportunity for many brilliant people from around the world to improve the software.

Technological Advantage – The adaptable nature of G2-Learning provides flexibility to add and improve resources quickly.

Availability of Internet Resources – There is a massive amount of information available on the Internet with tools and tricks to improve the classroom experience.

Environmentally Friendly – One of the goals of this program is create a paperless learning environment. This will decrease masses of wasted paper produced in each campus.


Sprott Shaw College: A Leader in Online Learning


We are once again demonstrating leadership in training by the use of G2-Learning as an “online learning / teaching” tool. It is an easy-to-use platform that provides students an opportunity to work in a technologically advanced environment and access current resources beyond the typical textbook base model.

G2-Learning allows access to course resources and information at all hours of the day and night and otherwise converts your classroom to a hi-tech experience that will reduce wasting paper and help the save some trees and energy for future generations.

Welcome to the future of education!

None of our programs are currently online-only. Some programs may not use G2 or make all assignments, notes, and slides available online.
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