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I really enjoyed my time at Sprott Shaw College

Posted April 9, 2013, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: , , ,

adriana rodriguezI am a trained chef and had been working in the Hospitality Industry for 5 years but felt there was a void and my passion for business found me on Sprott Shaw’s doorstep. I met with Phil the Career Advisor and came to the decision of registering for the Professional Business Management Program.

I graduated November 2012 with an Honours Diploma in Business Management. I really enjoyed my time at Sprott Shaw College the teachers and staff were very nice and helpful. I would like to thank everybody for the support given. I now find myself embarking on a new Career in Business working for a local Real Estate Company and am excited to apply my new found skills in to real life practice.

Thank you Sprott Shaw

Adriana R.
Professional Business Management Program
Victoria Campus