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Industrial Design students visit Submarine Manufacturer

Posted April 2, 2019, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: ,

Recently one of our Industrial Design program classes from our East #Vancouver campus visited ISE International Submarine Engineering, a company specialized since 1974 in manufacturing submersibles, AUV´s and other semi-submersible vehicles.

This field trip was part of the class Materials and Manufacturing for the Industrial Design program. The students were given a guided tour, a presentation of the company and Don Muth an engineer that has been part of the company since 1981 gave us some insights on a company that works under confidentiality agreements and top secret projects.

They learned about the use of materials and processes for submersibles that are most of the time under salty water and that have to undergo temperature changes as well as deep-sea conditions. These AUV´s are generally used for mapping, biology research and some times military purposes.

For more information on our Industrial Design program, visit its program page here.