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TESOL Advanced

As the EFL/ESL environment develops, teachers are often expected to have a sound knowledge of methodology, a toolkit of techniques, and an understanding of classroom management. The TESOL Advanced Diploma program at Sprott Shaw College prepared and trains aspiring teachers for the classroom and offers a comprehensive professional development opportunity for experienced educators.

While participating in the program, candidates consolidate their knowledge of the English language, get acquainted with the principles of effective teaching and obtain an array of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners. The program consists of an integrrated in-class and practicum training session over the course of 4 weeks (112 classroom hours and 20 practicum hours). Graduates of this program will find that they are able to make the transition into the private or public EFL/ESL classroom with ease and confidence.

At the end of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:
* Develop instruction techniques for all skills and systems
* Become comfortable using both inductive and deductive teaching styles
* Learn to apply a sutdent-centred teaching style
* Learn how to plan an effective lesson
* Build trainee’s skills and confidence through discussion, microteaching and full presentations
* Prepare trainees to create and use materials effectively
* Learn how to effectively use classroom management techniqes and how to deal with common problems that arise in the class