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TESOL for Middle School with Practicum

TESOL for Middle School is a very challenging course. Your teaching abilities and classroom functional language skills will be stretched to the limits as you wind your way through this fast paced course.

TESOL for Middle School is intended for teachers who are currently teaching middle school students and would like to upgrade their teaching skills or for those student teachers who are intending to teach middle school students in the future.

Students in this program can expect to learn a variety of current middle school teaching methods, styles and techniques through experiential, hands-on and discovery learning styles At the end of this program the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

– Plan, prepare and deliver lessons for middle school students
– Research, on English language websites, the material needed for their lessons
– Provide clear and effective instructions
– Learn and use classroom specific vocabulary and phrases
– Make authentic and personalized materials for middle school students