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My experience was positive and one I will never forget…

Posted July 25, 2014, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: ,

My journey with Sprott Shaw College began back in the early spring of 2012 when I suffered a career ending injury and was no longer able to continue being a professional cook. Feeling lost and not knowing where I would fit in within the working world I enrolled into a two week career planning class that was offered by Sprott Shaw. By the end of the two-week I knew where I was heading. So I went to get a back to work grant from the government, at first I was turned down and I was ready to give up, but the amazing and caring administrator of my campus Ursula never let me give in. She knew I would do well and went up to bat for me and the entire campus helped me gain the funding I needed to enroll. I enrolled into the Community Support Worker course, I was well trained by my amazing instructor Jem who is the definition of a living legend: she was really knowledgeable, had many years’ experience within the field and taught me everything I needed to know to be a success. Jem was amazing and always set up her class to be successful, by the time my practicum came around I was ready to be in the field, and shortly after finishing the class I was able to get my first job as a youth worker in a well-known organization in the province. My time and experience with Sprott Shaw was very positive and one that I will never forget. I highly recommend Sprott Shaw College to anyone who is wishing to gain an education, or to start a new career.

Chris S.
Community Support Worker Program
New Westminster Campus