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I never thought this was possible!

Posted April 9, 2013, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: , , ,

joseph hamelFor many years I wanted to go back to school and work in an area that was my passion. I just never knew how I was going to do it. Recently I went through some major changes in my life and thought that now was as good a time as ever to take that leap of faith. After evaluating myself and what I wanted out of a career I came to the decision that I wanted to get into health care. I decided to specialize in Practical Nursing and I came across Sprott Shaw College as a place I could achieve my goal. With the help of my teachers, advisors, and all the staff I was able to complete the Practical Nurse program with honours, something I thought never possible after being away from school for nearly a decade. I am excited to say that I have accepted a job as a LPN and have a few more prospects on the go. None of this would have been possible without all the support I received from everyone at Sprott Shaw!

Joseph H.
Practical Nursing Program
Victoria Campus