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Sprott Shaw is Chilliwack’s College

Posted July 19, 2017, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: ,

chilliwack collge campusSprott Shaw College – Chilliwack campus is looking ahead to a big September! Programs beginning in September include Special Education Teaching Assistant (SETA), Health Care Assistant (HCA), Early Childhood Education (ECE), Medical Office Administrator (MOA), and various Business programs.

Special Education Teaching Assistant is the most popular program offered at the campus. In fact, the program and campus are so well thought of that the school district regularly phones to inquire about hiring new graduates.

Teaching assistants typically offer support in classrooms, although graduates may also find careers in government agencies or before and after school care, among others. Further, the scope of a teaching assistant may include supporting students with special needs, as well as behaviour management, curriculum implementation, social skills development, personal care, and physical assistance.

If you’re more interested in HCA or ECE (or even MOA or business programs), Chilliwack has the advantage of being home to many care facilities and daycares, creating lots of job opportunities. Not to mention practicums are close to home—there’s little need to travel outside the city to complete your program.

Located in the heart of the city, the campus is near the bus route and lots of restaurants and shopping, as well as the library and Salish Park. Like all Sprott Shaw campuses, Chilliwack campus is home to small class sizes and the Sprott Shaw Advantage: employment assistance, lifetime refreshers and upgrading, employer warranty, and monthly start dates. Also, the campus regularly hosts potlucks and holiday events for students. Chilliwack itself offers a great quality of life and family-oriented community, with an amazing mountain and valley backdrop near the Fraser River.

If you’d like more information about the programs offered at the Chilliwack campus or the campus itself, contact our Admissions Advisor today at 1-888-378-7714 or apply online.