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Posted December 5, 2018, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: , ,

I would say a year from today I was not in a happy place and found myself being turned down from other Colleges. While researching Schools online (Facebook) I found Sprott Shaw Victoria and started reading about the Community Support Worker – Social Services Program. I was initially attracted to the Addictions as I have family members and other people close to me in my life that have suffered from Addictions.

I made an inquiry to Sprott Shaw College and was referred to Phil and at the time they did not offer the Addictions Program but I found components of the CSWSS Program that related to my goals in the sense it provided me an opportunity to help others.

I decided to take a leap of faith and registered for the Community Support Worker Social Service Worker Program and began my studies in July of 2017. I can say with certainty that my time at Sprott Shaw was very fulfilling and a positive learning environment with what I would refer to as my best instructor I have ever had. Anne was more than an instructor, her kindness, empathy and support was 2nd to none and she created an atmosphere that enabled all class members to be open and engaging.

I am just completing my practicum with Our Place and elated to say I have been offered a position within their organization and now feel I have found my niche in a Career that is not only where I know I belong but an environment where I can take the tools that Sprott Shaw has taught me and share with people in need.

I want to take a moment and thank everyone involved in my journey and say that if you are seeking a School where you feel like being part of a family that are willing and ready to support your goals I would recommend reaching out to Sprott Shaw.

Sarah B.
Community Support Worker – Social Services Program
Victoria Campus