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I believe strongly in the Practical Nursing diploma program at Sprott Shaw

Posted January 5, 2012, by Sprott Shaw College. Tags: ,

I chose the Practical Nursing program at Sprott Shaw for many reasons. I had a previous background in advanced First Aid, and had been a Medical First Responder with Search and Rescue. Sprott Shaw’s PN diploma program would ensure I wouldn’t go backwards in my training. As a Mother and a wife I already had a busy life and didn’t want to be in school for too long. Going back to school wasn’t going to be easy. Sprott Shaw’s nationally recognized Nursing Program, class schedules and the close location to home made it easier to make the decision to further my Post-Secondary Education.

The Practical Nursing Program instructors were amazing. They all brought years of experience into the class room as well as into the lab and clinical settings. They gave me the opportunity to increase my medical knowledge and advance my skills to a higher level. I was impressed with the combination of professionalism, team work, leadership, compassion and cultural diversity they instilled in us. I completed both my acute care clinical and full preceptor placement in a surgical unit and was hired as soon as I graduated.

Although I started in a Surgical unit [at a hospital in the Fraser Health Authority], I was able to work all over the hospital and now have the flexibility to work in many different units as a Licenced Practical Nurse.

I believe strongly in the Practical Nursing diploma program at Sprott Shaw. I now have the privilege to teach as a Nursing Instructor at the same campus I graduated from.

Leisa C., LPN
Surrey Campus