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They taught me how to have more confidence.

Posted July 9, 2013, by Sprott Shaw College.

Health Care Assistant GradMy name is Amanda B. and I have successfully completed the Health Care Assistant program at Sprott Shaw College in Kamloops. I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and why I chose to enter the program. My grandfather was dying from prostate cancer and I helped take care of him, he asked me to promise him that one day I would go into a career helping others. He said that since I was such a gentle soul and was so helpful I would be a great caregiver.

I made this promise in July of 2000; sadly he passed away on the 21st of the month. Back then, I was a single mother and working three part-time jobs and couldn’t afford to go back to school. Now that I am in a long-term relationship with four kids, I thought, “OK, this is the time for me to follow through with the promise my grandfather asked me to make.”

I went online and filled in the information on the Sprott Shaw website and within 10 minutes I had a phone call to set up an appointment to inquire about enrolling into the HCA program. I filled out the paperwork with Student Aid BC and was approved to get funding for the program. When I started in November 2012 I was scared and excited all in one. The Instructor that I had was amazing, caring, understanding and friendly. She helped me when I needed extra help and not only taught the course but taught me how to have more confidence in myself and how to deal with certain scenarios that I may encounter once I entered the work force.

As of April 2013, I was out into facilities doing my practicum with my clinical instructor. She was also a great instructor and was supportive if I was unsure of anything. Practicum is a total of 8 weeks long and as I approached my 3rd week I thought to myself, “what harm is there in applying for jobs?”

Not even two weeks later, I had an interview at a local care facility. After waiting impatiently, I received an email with an offer. I gladly accepted it, registered for my license, and was scheduled to start immediately.

Now I have been asked to share my story with others not only to show my success but also to acknowledge Sprott Shaw’s support in making my grandfather’s request a reality.

I chose the HCA as a career because I felt that it was an opportunity to give back to the community and to provide care and support to our seniors. I also volunteer at a local care facility because I feel that my grandfather has inspired me to be an excellent caregiver and to extend help to those in need.

Amanda B.
Health Care Assistant Program
Kamloops Campus