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Hospitality Management 1 with Practicum


This course is broken into three components: Academic, Practical and Work Experience


The academic component of this course is designed to provide international students the relevant knowledge, the necessary skills and education, and an understanding of the current trends in the hotel and hospitality industry in order to pursue or enhance employment opportunities. It is designed for those who have industry experience and want to enhance their skills and gain valuable international work experience to compliment their
existing profession in their country. It is also highly beneficial for those who have studied HTM (or similar) in their country and wish to further their study in an English only environment. Finally it offers students the opportunity to have entry level jobs in the industry.


Students are required to research, contact and evaluate hotel/hospitality services, marketing and employment practices. Using a variety of customized exercises and assignments the academic theory covered in class is reinforced by practical experiences. Both the academic and practical components are
designed to prepare the international student for their work experience.