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Interior Design

Interior Design Program

The Interior Design Program offers a strong foundation of knowledge and skills that prepare students to enter this diverse industry for entry-level practice and advanced study.

This intensive program teaches students the core subjects needed in the field of interior design: manipulation of interior spaces and existing buildings. Students are introduced to the expected learning levels that describe the degree of content mastery students should achieve after graduation. In order to be prepared for their career in the interior design practice. Awareness of the nature and value of integrated design practices, familiarity with specific data and information, terminology and language to communicate effectively with allied disciplines and technical collaboration methods.

Understanding the design and documentation process, critical thinking and solutions in relation to the building systems and cost disciplines, from creativity to reality.

Ability to develop and master the necessary skills in freehand and digital drawings, visual presentation techniques and communication skills that are the essential tools needed.

Application of all learned knowledge: for a balanced and integrated design to the building system.

Career opportunities can include in the fields of architectural, interiors, set design, exhibition, staging and construction.