• Healthcare: Students will learn to use field-specific jargons, professional medical terms and procedures and common expressions used in doctor patient interactions (26.5 hours).

• Entertainment: Entertainment transcends time and place, culture and language. Students will delve into movies, music, TV programs, and so on, that will enhance their knowledge and understanding in the entertainment industry (26.5 hours).

• Business & Economics: Students will learn the basics of current economic trends, job market, employment, marketing, and business terminology and business management through real-life cases and simulated dialogues (26.5 hours).

• International Interests: Students will be introduced to current events and controversial issues, including terrorism, human rights and global warming (26.5).

• International Culture: Understanding culture and its impact on language acquisition and development is imperative in producing accurate interpretation and translation. Students will learn customs, traditions and cultural values (26.5 hours).

• Society: Students will learn and discuss various social issues that many countries share and will be able to se both sides of an argument and display unbiased, impartial, yet accurate judgment & understanding in their interpretation and translation (26.5).

• Law: Students will learn the basic framework of the Canadian legal system, the differences between criminal law and civil law, such as who is involved, how the trial is proceeded, outcomes ans well as legal terms (26.5).

• People: Students will learn different personality traits, characteristics, and tendencies in people and how to describe them, which is challenging as Korean and English heavily employ colloquial expressions and idioms (26.5 hours).

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