The co-op program gives students the opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom through their program-related work experience. This gives students an edge when they graduate and go out into the workforce.

How does co-op work?

If you are enrolled in a co-op program, please make a first appointment with the Co-op Coordinator and make sure you have the following documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Study Permit
  • Work Permit
  • SIN
  • MSP/Medical Insurance
  • Resume

Other requirements you need to consider:

  • Students must complete 80% of their academic portion and must attain 80% in attendance.
  • Students need to be returning to their coursework after they complete their co-op work term. Must pay all tuition before the start date of the co-op.

Am I guaranteed a co-op?

The Co-op Coordinator will do their utmost to help you secure a suitable work placement. The college will guarantee students up to three interviews in appropriate facilities, but your success will depend on the availability of the host, current market demands, your particular skills and experience, and your performance on your interviews.

What if I already have a job related to my studies?

If you already have a job related to your studies and would like to use it for your co-op, you will need to discuss this with the Co-op Coordinator.

Pre-Co-op Forms:
Contact Information Form
Job Description Form

During Co-op Form:
Monthly Report Form

Post-Co-op Forms:
• Professional Development Report
Student Final Evaluation
• Host Final Evaluation

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