Online Delivery

Online learning refers to the program, or part of it, being delivered remotely i.e., the student joins the class via the internet.

Our online delivery programs are designed with student success in mind. Most of our online programs are not self-paced and are “synchronous,” meaning you log in to your online classes at the same time everyday where you are met by your instructor who provides the lesson live. This provides a similar level of support and interaction with your instructor and fellow students as you would have in an on-campus program—with the convenience of being at home!

Online delivery start dates vary, depending on instructor availability, and other factors. Speak with an Admissions Advisor to find out what upcoming online programs are currently enrolling!

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Online Delivery Programs Available

Business Fundamentals
Business Administration Bookkeeping
Business Administration Management
Business Administration Payroll
Business Administration Principles
Computer Aided Design Technology
Digital Marketing Management
Digital Marketing Specialist
Early Childhood Education Basic
Executive Office Administrator
Global Marketing Management with Co-op
Health Unit Clerk
Hospitality Industry Professional
Hospitality Management
Hospitality Service with Co-op
Hospitality Operations
International Trade
International Trade and Business Management
Legal Administrator
Medical Office Administrator
Medical Office Administrator Health Unit Clerk
Post-Graduate Diploma – Global Business Management
Tourism/Hospitality Management

Combined (On-campus and Online) Delivery

Many of our programs have online classes, when it is optimal, as well as on-campus classes, which we call “hybrid” or “combined” delivery. With student success our priority, our curriculum designers keep some classes on-campus when in-person learning is determined to be the best format and environment for you to develop important skills.

For more information about our combined delivery programs and start dates, our Admissions Advisors are here to help!

Combined Delivery Programs Available

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