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Employment Services and Supports

The Employment Services and Supports (ESS), formerly known as the Employment Program of BC (EPBC), is a comprehensive employment program that provides employment services and supports designed to meet the needs of individual BC Employment & Assistance clients who are deemed Expected to Work (ETW) or Expected to Work-Medical Condition (ETW-MC).

The Government defines “Unemployed” as people who are; not working, working an average of less than twenty (20) hours per week and are actively seeking full-time employment or unable to work full-time because of a disability and is seeking to work more hours, in receipt of a notice of imminent layoff, must leave his or her current occupation due to a medical reason or is at significant risk of losing his or her employment because of a disability.

Sprott Shaw College is a fully accredited and designated post-secondary institution and many of our programs qualify for ESS funding; however, every case is different. Sprott Shaw is able to tailor its current programs to fit student needs. Our programs start on a monthly basis, so you can start sooner and finish earlier. In addition, Sprott Shaw assists with job placement through its on-campus Employment Services Specialist for higher success upon graduation.

Sprott Shaw’s extensive history gives credibility and confidence to its students. With 16 campuses across the province, there is one in your community. Contact a Admissions Advisor to discuss your options and for assistance with applying for ESS funding.


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