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At Sprott Shaw, we take pride in offering an educational experience that’s truly supportive. That means giving you the advice you need to be successful even before you enroll. Our one-on-one advising will be your first glimpse of the continual support you’ll receive from our staff before, during, and after your program. Should you ever need to advance your industry qualifications down the road, you can enroll in our lifetime refresher training. If you have the drive to succeed, we’ll gladly assist you in gaining the tools to do so.

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Many times the biggest challenge to education is funding your program of choice…Read more

International Students
Sprott Shaw is home to over 500 international students coming from all over the world…Read more

Adult Studies
We are the career trainer of many adults who have decided to retrain for a better career…Read more

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Sprott Shaw offers an environment for Aboriginal students to thrive… Read more

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Information on enrollment and scholarships for High School students…Read more

Employment Program
EPBC is an employment program that provides employment services and support… Read more

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