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Getting Started with WebEx

As the wonderful world of technology grows, so does our need to understand how to use it. This guide will explain how students can access the WebEx platform, as well as navigating around the options it provides. To start, let’s look at some of the options a user can have as it relates to the WebEx platform.

Part 1 – Installing Software

The WebEx platform can be used in one of two ways. Either as a desktop application or as an internet application that will open once you launch an invitation. (We will look at the latter in the next section) If you are using your own laptop and would like to have the WebEx platform installed directly onto it, follow this link: https://www.webex.com/downloads.html

On this screen you want to select the “WebEx Meetings” section, located on the left hand side. You can download the option for Windows, or via the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Once the .msi file has been downloaded from the website, you can follow the prompts to install the software.

Part 2 – Running WebEx from an invitation

This is the more likely route a student will want to use when attempting to join a WebEx meeting. The instructor of the WebEx module should send out invitations to their students ahead of the first day of the class. These invitations contain a link in which the student can use to directly connect to the class. For visual reference, this is what the email would look like:

What you want to look specifically for, is the green join the meeting link. This link will take you to a screen where you will enter your name and email address to begin logging in. Always ensure you use your student email when signing in. This is the screen you should see:

Next you have three options.  By Default, you can click on Join Meeting and the application will begin to connect you. You can also click the down arrow next to Join Meeting to determine how you wish to connect.  I would suggest you leave the option as “Always choose best option for me”.

Once you’re logged in, you should see a screen similar to this:

This is your view of the WebEx platform in use, on here you will be able to see several different items, which we will cover now.

First and foremost, the main view will be of the instructor’s screen, where you will be able to follow along with them in real time. What we will touch on are a few of the buttons running along the bottom of the screen.  They are as follows:

  • Mute
  • Camera
  • Share Screen
  • Participants
  • Chat
  • Audio Connection
  • Leave Meeting

Mute and Camera will both toggle on and off when you press the corresponding button.  If the buttons are red, then you have muted and/or disconnected your video while in the WebEx.  It is recommended to always leave your video on, but to keep yourself muted until you are being spoken to.  This helps to limit the amount of cross-talking and potential audio feedback which may occur.

Share Screen will allow you to share your own screen with your instructor and class.

Participants will give you a list of the people currently in the WebEx

Chat will allow you to speak directly to another member of the WebEx or the instructor privately, or the entire group. When you click the button for the chat, it will appear on the right side of your screen.

Audio connection is used for the initial connecting to the WebEx, or to troubleshoot any issues regarding your sound.  When you first connect to the WebEx, you will want to enable the Audio to connect through your PC.  This will allow you to hear all sounds through either your PC speakers, or headset.

Leave meeting will exit the meeting once the WebEx has ended for the day.

That’s it! You have successfully set up and attended your first WebEx session.

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