2023 Indigenous Scholarship Winners

In 2021, we honoured the first official Truth and Reconciliation Day in British Columbia  by announcing our Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Scholarship.  Understanding how residential schools have and continue to impact Indigenous communities is crucial to understanding the context of the Indigenous people we work with, educate, treat, serve, or care for.

We are thrilled to share that the scholarship selections for 2023 have been made. Congratulations to our winners: Katie M and Amira M. Read on below for highlights from their scholarship essays.

Katie: “My path to nursing may not have been straight, but my desire to help others has always been a part of who I am. From dreams of being a firefighter or paramedic to health care and nursing, they all have the same underlying purpose – saving and caring for others. After high school, I completed EMR training and volunteered for St. John Ambulance. I then became a care aid, a way to make a deep impression on someone’s life. Nursing was always in the back of my mind, but I wasn’t ready to make that leap at the time.

I want to make a real difference in the world, and nursing is a blend of life-saving acts and care. My journey has led me here, and I know it is time to continue learning and reach my true calling.”

Amira: “This scholarship would greatly assist me in achieving my long-term goals in the nursing field. It was a natural choice for me to pursue nursing as a profession, as I have always had a sense of empathy for others as well as a genuine desire to prioritize their well-being.

As an Indigenous person, and intergenerational residential school survivor, I am acutely aware of the unique challenges and disparities faced by our communities in accessing quality healthcare. This understanding has shaped my journey, igniting a fervent commitment to serving my people and advocating for equitable healthcare services. The integration of cultural sensitivity and empathy into nursing practice is a vital component of effective nursing, and I am committed to bridging the gap between Indigenous tradition and modern health care practices.”

Many congratulations to Katie and Amira! We look forward to watching you pursue your healthcare dreams at Sprott Shaw College!

If you are considering starting your own educational journey, we recognize that one of the most significant challenges students face is the funding of their studies. Sprott Shaw is here to help with that! Please contact one of our advisors for more information on Sprott Shaw tuition, fees, and any available bursaries and scholarships. 

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