Adapting to Change

Throughout the past few weeks, the world has witnessed unprecedented events that have, ultimately, changed the way we live our everyday lives. While few could have ever predicted the turn and severity of these events, we want to thank all of our students for their ongoing and continuous support during this time. We understand it is an unsettling period for all of us but rest assured, the safety of our students and the safety of our staff is always at the top of our minds.

At Sprott Shaw College, we are committed to your ongoing education and career aspirations, and we will continue to uphold this support throughout these challenging times. Over the course of a few days, we have successfully transitioned our students and classes to our alternative learning delivery on Synchronous WebEx. Our campuses received enormous amounts of compliments and expressions of gratitude from students so a big thank you goes out to our students and staff for their patience and support throughout this transition – thank you!

We are thrilled to have introduced our alternative learning delivery for current students. Synchronous WebEx Delivery is now available for incoming and prospective students as well – this new learning experience is available for the vast majority of our programs.

WebEx is a video conferencing platform that allows us to maintain virtual “face-to-face” structured classes that are 100% instructor-led. These virtual classes create an interactive and engaging learning experience for our students in the safety and security of their own homes. Moreover, our small WebEx class sizes provide students with the dedicated attention and support they deserve from our instructors while also allowing us to maintain the high quality of education we have promised and delivered for over the past 117 years.

With our Online Admissions process and Synchronous WebEx Delivery, we look forward to continuing to train and prepare our students for careers in business, healthcare, nursing, community support, early childhood education, administration, trades and much more.  We are committed to your ongoing education as well as your career aspirations and we are here for you – for now through our WebEx platform, but also for our in-person on-campus delivery in the near future.  To all, stay well, practice social distancing and stay strong.

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