Admin Pros have Their Day (Week)

Formerly Secretaries Day, the last full week of April is Administrative Professionals’ Week, which celebrates the dedicated individuals who have helped offices across the country organize their tasks for the week (and many upcoming weeks!).

Administrative Professionals’ Week was created in the 1950s by the then-president of the then-National Secretaries Association in the United States (now the International Association of Administrative Professionals). From its humble origins as a day on which the secretary got an extra pat on the back, the holiday now honours secretaries, office managers, executive assistants, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other vital support staff.

From small businesses to big government, admin assistants are needed in any office at any time of the year. That’s why, despite a high turnover rate (due in part to admin professionals advancing to higher-level positions), the occupational outlook is stable. Job prospects are above average in BC, where hourly wages range up to $27.66.

Not only are average wages surprisingly high, the average job applicant is also becoming highly educated, with an increasing number of post-secondary-educated workers choosing the industry, according to WorkBC. Computer proficiency and interpersonal skills are also becoming increasingly necessary.

To join the ranks of the proud, organized administrative professionals, enroll in Sprott Shaw’s Administrative Assistant Program today. In just 29 weeks, you will acquire the skills you need to compete, including office technologies — such as spreadsheets, databases, and document processing applications — customer service, business English, and accounting and bookkeeping.

Sprott Shaw also offers Admin Assistant and Legal Assistant Accelerated and Admin Assistant and Medical Office Assistant Accelerated Programs. Contact one of our advisers today for details.

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