Altruism Transforms Potential Into Actionability

Our Director of Human Resources, Dr. Michael Doody Ed.D, shares a few words on our successful efforts to fundraise and raise awareness for Mental Health Awareness!

michael doody
Dr. Michael Doody Ed.D

During our last “Professional Development Day” in May, several people spoke up and mentioned that for them Sprott Shaw is like a family in the way we support each other and have each other backs.  Wikipedia defines family as “a group of people related either by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence or some combination of these.”  The Sprott Shaw Organization is definitely a combination of all of these.

Our Community, Diversity, Integrity, Quality, Respect, and Results-Oriented values define who we are as a family.  Another strong value we share is altruism.   We love what we do because we make a difference in the lives of other people – and we do it through the positions we were hired for and through additional events outside our daily assigned duties.

At Professional Development Day in 2018, you asked the organization to make one of its focus’s mental health awareness. We connected with the Canadian Mental Health Association and launched a “Not Myself Today” program in our workplace for our employees and for our students we made available a Student Service program, providing access to mental health resources.

We decided to dedicate the month of June as a fundraiser and communication venue to raise funds in the spirit of “Reducing the Stigma”.  We set the goal of $3,000 with Victor Tesan, the President, to match any funds raised by the employees and the students up to $3,000. It is with great pride that I let you know that we have collectively raised $3,660 for a total of $6,600!   This speaks not only to the generosity of our employees and students but to the determination and altruistic commitment to helping others that we all have.

This overwhelming success speaks to the heart of our organization.  We are indeed one big family looking to creating a difference for others who need our support.  Thank you all for your dedication, sharing of spirit and compassion for others. You have demonstrated that altruistic leadership does transform potential into actionability.

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