Back to School by 2016

Are you still putting off plans to go back to school? Better stop procrastinating: according to the Research Universities’ Council of BC, by 2016 there will be more jobs that require post-secondary or trades credentials than individuals with such credentials. The Council expects the unmet need to then increase over the following years.

On the plus side, the Council has proposed for more student bursaries and scholarships to be offered, so if you have been putting your education and/or career on hold for financial reasons, this could be just what you need. To help get you going, Sprott Shaw also offers various grants and scholarships, possible payment plans, assistance with BC and Canada student loans, and lifetime career assistance.

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With post-secondary degrees seemingly becoming the norm, this report may come as a surprise. Are tuition fees and/or costs of living too high in BC, or are there more pressing reasons? What do you think?

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