Break Through Stress This Easter


Easter not only signals the arrival of spring, but it also symbolizes growth, rebirth, and new beginnings. If stress has become an unwelcome routine for you at school and/or work, here are some ways to avoid falling to pieces:

Take Some Eggs out of Your Basket

Multitasking actually makes you less efficient, not more. Sort your tasks and then focus on the most important first, so you can work better and feel less overwhelmed. If you have classmates or coworkers who constantly drop “urgent” work or questions on your desk, you might have to turn them down to avoid cracking.

Don’t be too Hard…Boiled

Smiling – even when you don’t feel like it – reduces anxiety and lifts your mood, so smile at your most irritating colleagues or classmates! Of course, you may find them a lot more tolerable once you have gotten to know them, and it wouldn’t hurt to have someone who could lend a hand if you ever fall off the wall.

Get Scrambling

Before or after work, or during the lunch break, consider taking a stroll with a coworker or heading to the gym. This prevents you from making excuses not to leave the house in the evenings, and provides great stress relief, especially if you enjoy it. Does anyone really like jogging? No? Try Bikram yoga or “hot” yoga, pilates, ballroom dancing, or even snowshoeing.

Improve Your Yolk

During your spare time, catch up on industry news and developments, pick something from your instructor’s recommended readings list, or sign up for a career course. You may not be looking for a new job right now, but continuous learning helps you in any career, especially if you keep your job skills relevant and up to date.

Roll on Home

Nothing sends blood pressures soaring like a long commute. If possible, try to do some of your work from home. Course notes and discussions are often available online, and some early morning work could be handled from home, eg. checking and replying to emails, scheduling, and other simple tasks.

Take a Break

Using Facebook for 10 minutes instead of working through your lunch breaks could make you a better worker. Spend another 15 minutes just to think about positive things or take a nap. Taking a nap improves your learning capacity and memory, and makes you feel refreshed. While you’re at it, watch a bit less TV at night to get an extra hour of sleep.

Reach for Cadbury’s

One good thing about Easter is the abundance of chocolate… on sale the following week. The flavonoids in cocoa and dark chocolate (and to a lesser extent, milk chocolate) lower blood pressure and enhance feelings of well-being. Enjoy some red wine, green tea, or berries for even more flavonoids and antioxidants.

Starting this Easter, make some changes in your life and keep the sunny side up!

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